Automatic creation of Pinterest Board Sections (Jarvee) - Is it possible?

As you probably already know, a pinterest section is like a subset of a pinterest board.
Question is: Is there a way to automate the creation of these board sections? For example:

Board: TV Screens
Board Section 1: Flat TV Screens
Board Section 2: LCD TV Screens
Board Section 3: Digital Light Processing TV Screens

And so on.

I think it would be really cool for SEO purposes. Does anybody know if is possible to automate it with Jarvee?



It’s possible to create Pinterest boards using the “Create Boards” tool. However, the tool has no option to create sections.

Soon, we will add an option to the tool to create sections as well upon creating a board.


Hi Med,
Thank you. can’t wait to try this strategy and share the journey with you all!

Whenever you’ve got some interesting idea or you want a feature that doesn’t exist you can always send them message with the feature request and I’m sure they’ll take it into consideration.

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Hi Jaha,
Thanks, we will test this board seaction feature extensively when available and send feedback.