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Okay guys so im about to trigger a lot of people right now. I use a software called ninjagram for autoliking or superliking whatever. I never used proxies or jarvee. I use it on 5-6 profiles 24/7m with 1 hour pauses after every 500 actions, and also 1-3 profiles on my laptop. Never got banned, never got shadow banned and experience like blocks like twice a month the most. It makes my computer restart when i log in with 6+ profiles tho so i need to upgrade to a better software to grow more profiles and i need any help i can get. :pleading_face:

Simple answer: get a software called Jarvee, buy proxies from a reputable member from this forum, setup your accounts, that’s it.


Jarvee scares the s out of me bro. I trialed it and it seemed slow and hard to use, i was trying to log in with 1 account for 15 minutes can you guys at least recommend me some tutorials or anything. And my friend also told me its working way more slower than ninjagram, so idk if i can do 10 profiles on my pc, does it consume more cpu power than ninjagram for example?

Jarvee is great. I didn’t think the interface was intuitive either when I switched to it from FollowLiker. Once you learn your way around the application you’re going to love it! And actually, there are a couple YouTube videos (Jarvee has some, too) you can watch just for the initial setup. I wouldn’t suggest copying any of their settings, though. Good luck!


Thanks a lot, is their anyone that has free time to learn me how to set up jarvee exactly like i used ninjagram until i get enough free time to learn about jarvee on my own. :pleading_face:

My favorite newcomer


Im so glad to hear that boss! Im just trapped in a tight spot right now and need to switch asap. :cookie: :milk_glass:

I was being sarcastic.

What is your laptop like? How many GB of storage, RAM etc?

You can put JARVEE or even ninja on a VPS and make it work, but having your home internet address is better. You shouldn’t have more than 5 instagrams on one IP anyhow.


With the Speed of the pc is an interesting Point I thought of too today. I have Windows 10 and i think 4 GB RAM, Internal Storage is 50% free i think so (Not Home at the Moment). At this example, how many Accounts can be Run with average settings/sources? On which number of Accounts with average settings should you Switch to a VPS?

Okay so the fun thing is when i made this post ninjagram completely stopped working. Superliking 1/3 and doesnt like anything at all. On my pc i run 5 profiles, it shuts down on 5. Ryzen 3 cpu 8gbs of ram. On my laptop i run 1-3 profiles. And its 4gbs of ram and a entry level processor

It depends on what you do. I have an older laptop I use while my desktop rots away in a box. The desktop is basically a high end gaming PC. It would run several hundred accounts just fine.

My laptop has been through hell and back, survives dunks in the amazon, rum spillages in drum circles in Colombia, and was returned slightly bent by TSA. I’ve replaced the fan etc but it still works. i5 with 32 gb RAM 1 TB HDD and I am confident I can run a lot of accounts. For now though, I run JARVEE locally, have some 30+ tabs open, numerous excels, a few RDP sessions, and a lot of hardware that eats up resources.

But I dont have 30+ accounts on it on one IP. If I had 10 accounts I would reduce what I do. If you have the few extra dollars for decent IP’s, use AWS and buy 10 proxies. It will run 24/7 for the most part with very little lag and downtime. Most peoples laptops wont.

Do your own math and see what works best for you.

When I first used JARVEE, I was traveling. So new IP’s every 1-4 weeks. Usually a different country. Talk about PV’s etc. I put it in the cloud and it ran smooth for the most part. Now you need proxies.


I dont know why ninjagram stopped working on every device i have at home, i use it for like a year now and never had any issues…

You are going to get your home IP flagged. IG is restricting things by the day. If you have 3+ profiles “superliking” then you are going to have a bad time.

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Can i change my home ip tho?

That can be a lot or little amount of likes, either you do a few then rest or you do 500 rest an hour then do that all day for 24 hours.

Not good for you at all

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Yes and no. You need proxies.

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I was running 8 profiles superliking 24\7 with way lower delays and pauses for like 3 months and now when i make the delay longer it does this, the thing is it wont like whatever settings i use its driving me crazy

If you want help you need to define “superliking”. How many likes per hour on average per account x per day?

I can tell you having that many accounts doing that per day on the same IP is asking for trouble.

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You’re so helpful right now its just that im not well informed since i thought i can go the easy route forever

Superliking means liking 3 photos from every account on the list you gathered