Autotokker update - 4k followers

Because it is profoundly stupid, as the automation is 100% going to lead to 1 route. You think doing a basic amateur follow / unfollow isn’t Being detected by an algorithm that is profoundly more sophisticated then Instagram and 4 years ahead of whatever cheese automation people are trying to do?

I’m gonna say it’s a retarded growth strategy UNTIL the point in which it isn’t anymore. I’m NOT gonna be chill and promote a tactic that is going to waste people’s time, money, and energy, when they can do some very basic stuff and see the real results.

I’ve already said I would happily share insights but only at a Lvl.3 access. Call it weird, could care less. I’ve privately helped about 60 people on here already, most of which are keeping quite and letting people like you waste their times on automations, while they scale their tiktok profiles quickly and EFFICIENTLY.


Valid answer for sure man. That wasn’t my question though - it was more along the lines of why do you care so much what other people are doing? How does it affect you and why are you getting so upset about it?

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The question you asked again was answered.

“I’m gonna say it’s a retarded growth strategy UNTIL the point in which it isn’t anymore. I’m NOT gonna be chill and promote a tactic that is going to waste people’s time, money, and energy, when they can do some very basic stuff and see the real results.”

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Clearly isn’t that easy to detect, as loads of people are using it effectively, while seeing no drop in engagement(it’s better actually). You sound like you probably don’t know too much about code. TikTok is not worried about stopping bots right now. It is actually somewhat helpful for them at this point in the cycle. Instagram almost completely eradicated automation and it caused a mass drop in engagement. This was a big factor in the mass exodus of users to TikTok. You don’t need to promote it, but let people do whatever they want to… it isn’t that serious :kissing_smiling_eyes:

my 2 cents


um, not true. one big reason you may have forgotten.

Click farms in Asia.

A few dollars can buy thousands of likes and views – TicTok is outsiide of china – its daywin or what ever it’s called is HUGE over there and it is well known to aggresively go after bots with a passion. Now in there is billions untapped in the western world for TikTok – and to say they don’t mind bots is not realistic.


I agree with you, but I don’t think they will take effective action for quite some time. I experienced the whole process with Instagram from the beginning. We will see how it goes I guess. I want everybody on here to succeed! :grinning::+1:

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LOL I don’t know anything about coding. Haha THATS a good one.

Tiktok Doesn’t want bots right now? Mmm I don’t think you know what you’re talking about, as ByteDance is known for heavily going against bots.

Toutiao is known for its API’s ability to detect false information or patterns that look or resemble anything similar to a bot or automation.

Being it’s news aggregator’s algorithm is so good at detection it’s why It swept China and dominated all the news spots within a year.

Their entire set of apps is based around principle and code.

How do you know it hasn’t hurt their engagement? I don’t see any actual results, did I miss those screenshots somewhere?

If you ACTUALLY want to see everyone be successful, I would suggest invest some actual time into the apps / platforms and get some real experience and insights.


Another good reason everyone is forgetting: those numbers are fake. I live in China. I know how Chinese companies behave and operates
Let me repeat it: those numbers are fake.

All the numbers in China are fake: the economy growth, the number of tourists, etc… Why do you guys think that a company based in a country that fakes every single fucking number will he honest in the social media especially when they want to impose themselves in the market? 🤷
You get all excited when your posts get 100000000000 views and shares. Good for your ego but remember that it’s all smoke


Then who are all these fake people buying our products then, in both influencer campaigns and on the ads platform? :thinking:


Think what you want man. 🤷

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In any case, there is not reason to get mad or attack people. We are all just sharing opinions and trying to succeed. Much love to everybody on here :+1:

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I was wondering about this as well when I look at the followers sometimes

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I think that without Mother/Child method for TT it’s not a great idea to just start testing F/U for your main accounts on a platform whose algorithm almost no one knows anything about.

Focusing on growing organically with content, especially when @customlogovideos seems to be the most experienced with TT and is heavily promoting doing only this would be the safest and probably the most effective method.

When you can have child accounts and you don’t care about their engagement and metrics then you should be able to really get crazy growth with F/U. I got most of my followers from literally one comment on a viral video that tagged my own profile.

Agreed. If you have an account that is already really successful, I wouldn’t risk it. Its exactly like Instagram. The idea is to have several accounts and try different approaches IMO.

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I’ll put it like this. Generally speaking follower growth can be broken down in these predictable metrics.

1million followers = 1,000 new followers
100,000 = 100 new followers

That’s not always the case, but with every account I own, I’ve consulted on, I’ve helped out, and I’ve witnessed or tracked, that seems to be the most predictable numbers that seem to be true.

Now there’s a few variables in place where that may or may not be true BUT generally speaking, that’s almost consistently the same across all accounts.

So yes automation is great and all, but if you’re building up repost accounts or meme pages, the focus should be on trying to increase the likelihood of getting at least 1 million view video a week as possible.

I come from the world of automation, for the last 5 years. Have one of the biggest quora botnets and also managed about 400’ish IG accounts all through automations. I’m not against it, I’m just against it when it doesn’t work is the thing.


1 million views = 1000 new followers, you meant? Agreed, organic is much better right now, but I think automation works as well, albeit slower. It will be interesting to see how the platform evolves :nerd_face:

@customlogovideos One thing I do not understand in TT is -

This video was uploaded and within 12hours it had around 600 Views then 12 hours more it suddenly got 25K Views… anyone who understands that?


Totally normal, and another reason why automation in a simple form doesn’t work.

Your videos get a pause around hour 8-12, to check it’s merit, readjust audiences, and more importantly detect bots.

If the system knows that it’s pushing it out to 500 people. Then it pauses your videos being shown, and somehow someway a bunch of random profiles start engaging with the post out of no where, when the system knows it’s hiding it on purpose, that’s a pretty big red flag.

Hence why a lot of these simpler automations don’t work, cause they don’t know these simple things.

It’s totally normal though. It picks up again, then it’ll drop off around day 2, then pick up again.


Well I dont use automation. But thanks for info, sounds like a sophisticated system. Will try out with more clients…


Just to clarify, when you say automation, are you talking about performing actions on other peoples profiles(likes, follows, comments, etc) or buying likes and comments on your own videos?

Automating actions on other peoples’ posts and profiles is similar activity to normal actions, no?(It provokes them to visit your profile and interact with yours) I agree that buying likes and views is extremely counterproductive.

Agreed on the timing thing and reevaluation.