Average cost of bringing 10.000 visits/ month


What’s the best way to bring 10000 visits from the USA per month to your website in clothing/ jewellery niche? What would you use if you have physical goods, lots of visual ads and other materials to work on?
Fb ads, Instagram ads, adwords or maybe other methods? Influencer marketing? Which one would be the least expensive/ time consuming in your opinion? How would you estimate the cost of bringing that amount of people to your brand’s page?

probably approx 20 cents per click with IG / FB ads…

Okay, so we have 2000$ per month to bring targetted traffic with probably nice ROI if we have everything set-up correctly.
So let’s compare it to automation- setting up 210 accounts on Instagram, every account follows 180 people per day, let’s say 1/10 of them follows back, and 1/10 on average goes to our website.
If our accounts follow 180 people per day and unfollow 900 people per day after reaching limit- we need to multiply the amount of actions by 5/6 to get the average monthly numbers.
(180/100) x 5/6 x 30days x 210 accounts and we get on average 9450 visits.
Our cost- 1$ per account for service, 1$ for proxy. 2$ per account what gives us 420$, am I missing anything cost-wise?

Yes a lot.

First of all you need a computer or VPS where the automation is running

Then working time for setting everything up.

When you start actions you will get PV, EV, Blocks, Disables of your slave accounts. Which is also working time and costs (for new accounts and PV)

And assuming you have no experience in mass automating accounts.
It’s a thing you must learn. It’s not like you start and it works. Especially not now as instagram became a little bit more difficult lately. You can look for a service.


Money for automation software and a VPS. That’s going to be a hefty cost, likely $200-$300 on top of your $420.


And ofcourse not to forget that targeting the right audience is also time consuming. Like finding the right sources for your business and Sorting the good ones from the bad to maintain a decent fb ratio.

But I guess it’s like everything else. Hard in the beginning, but once you know the drill & flow, you are running.

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I would send out a mass email with a relavant offer… there are some nice list you can scrape from IG and load them toa mail program.

Any programs you’d recommend for that?

Written content. Over 3,000 a week from USA with no blacklinking efforts or ever paying for ads. (Not the same niche). Results are not instant like paying for ads though.


senuke is i believe the best with Kontent nachine as your articles provider. let me know i have both

Yes you are missing that you are getting your number randomly without any previous data I guess.
How do you know that 10% of your followers will click on your website? I believe it will be lower…

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4 years of statistics on my website said exactly that, it used to be between 8 and 9 earlier. It may vary between different niches, I have pretty narrow one, while my products could be for everyone so random people still buy them.

As for getting 10000 visits I’m testing new half automated method that costs two hours of constant work daily, one time upfront investment of about 2300$ and 105$ monthly cost of running. I hope it would be stable enough so I can share it.

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So you’re going to put the same link in 210 accs?

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Nope, different landing pages but I never tested the effect of putting the same link on all accounts, have you? I only noticed few years ago when I was switching links on many accounts to one on the same day, that it the link was blocked after maybe 6-7 accounts at once. Let me know if you have any information on that, thanks :+1:

I own an seo agency, Do you have an aged site? If so, content and links, if not ads, Google will convert highier but cost way more, base your ppc models on $1 per click and have upsell and second sale user paths in place, if your using ads you need to work on life time if the user and not the one sale

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Influencer marketing is good to sell products but you need to find good influencer who can promote your products efficiently

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Yoy could also try Pinterest as it has suitable audience for your niche