Awesome Photography Engagement Groups

Hey guys! We have a very popular and growing engagment group for photgraphers and videographers. If you are intreasted please leave your telegram username and I will add you!


@connorlipke is my telegram username. highly interested!

I make videos my girlfriend is a photographer can we join? I have 16k she has 22k followers.
My telegram username is @sokolovb

my telegram username is @poisonedogat, thanks.

@Ian: maybe interesting for you? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! Unfortunately I have a glitch and can’t add people in this moment. Please Click this link to join! Sorry for the inconvenience. Once you are in the group read the rules and message me if you have any questions :slight_smile: . Please click the link below in my other replys as I cant post the link to you for some reason!

System is working, I will add all by tommorow :slight_smile:

Where can we find the link?

Plase post your telegram username and you will be added :slight_smile:

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@sokolovb I think

Is this monitored by a bot? How does it work vs other engagement groups?

Yes it is, its probably one of the the best monitored by bot groups out there as Ive spent atleast 1 month fixing and finalizing the bot with a coder :slight_smile:

Hi I have 2 clients from photography niche (6k and 15k) , I PM you my Telegram username

Doesn’t seem all that active. I feel like if I like and comment on 10, I’d be lucky to get 2 or 3 comments out of it. Doesn’t seem worth the effort.

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Hi, our group is about 15 days new and has 200 people in it, we are growing 30 people a day so please be patient. Not everyone is fimiliar with this method and might take them a couple days to get use to it. Also if you give 10 comments and likes you are guaranteed the same back so please be patient.

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That’s how it goes with all non automated groups :slight_smile: nobody really cares or have time to comment/like.


I got like 10 comments, as promised but it took like 10 hours. Definitely doesn’t seem worth it. It’s more work to keep up with an actual DM group but at least they engage promptly lol.

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Add me - @iggot

Add me too @star_noir