B2B prospecting with JARVEE?

I used Mass Planner a long time ago to just build accounts, and for my blog to get viewers. It has been a while since I have used social media besides my personal Facebook.

I am now trying out JARVEE for B2B prospecting at a company I work for. With LinkedIn using my personal account, I can easily target my prospects with JARVEE by Title & Location. Then I send them a connection request with a message. P.S. I do wish I could auto-comment when a connect request accepts like with Twitter but I know LinkedIn is not used as much here. I extra button though so…

I keep thinking in my head, is their a way to target like this with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any account JARVEE supports but I am coming up empty.

To my knowledge, most people don’t list their jobs on those platforms. I can target IG business pages but I doubt they would answer or foward my pitch to the decision-maker nor do they list their office locations?

Am I missing a way to do this? It would stink to use JARVEE for just 1 account doing very low volume to avoid a ban.


What’s the target market?

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To be clear, I am an employee (Sales Manager), not the business owner. I want to use JARVEE for prospecting (getting new business), so I would be using personal accounts. Sheer numbers of followers mean nothing to me. Driving prospects to the company website also does nothing for me.

It is B2B. My companies service can target any business size and industry.

However, I need to be able to focus on:

Location: I need to ensure my prospect is in my companies service area.

Job Title: My ideal target would be Office Managers, Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants. Targeting anyone else would not get me anywhere.

LinkedIn is perfect for this. I can target exactly who I need to, connect and send them a message. If that fails, a connection could still be valuable for future use, network effect.

However, I don’t want to get banned or limited so I am taking it real slow. In that respect, I would love to leverage other social media accounts since the smallest plan covers 10 accounts.

Am I assuming there is no other social platform I can use JARVEE for my purpose?

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Yeah, LinkedIn is going to be the best place to find people like that…

Darn, I was hoping there was some creative way to utilize the others. LinkedIn is already not liking me even at very low numbers. It keeps asking me to login and capcha.