🚀 [BACK TO THE BUSINESS] Instagram Elite Consulting + 7 days money back guarantee

[BACK TO THE BUSINESS] Instagram Elite Consulting + 7 days money back guarantee.

Hello guys so after many requests it’s time to officially create this consulting thread, I tried before but market place was closed at that time, good to have it back and publicly.

I know we’re having many updates recently that is fixing many of the issues so this consulting/one by one service is to help those that don’t have time or knowledge or need a constant support to get through the issues or just need a training one by one.

I’ll start this talking a little bit about myself, first of all I’m not doing this for 10 or 20 years but I’m the kind of person that when I do something, it’s with soul and heart 24/7 without days off. So yeah, I learn pretty fast :sweat_smile:.

I’m working with instagram automation since middle of 2015, after learn all the basics and moving forward a bit more I started to collab with some of the agencies out there at that time, some of them and also others that come up later on were getriver, socialbloom, tagscout and many others that also got down due to IG.

Since started to manage clients from the photography business and also from the music record label I own, it made me realize at that point that I was able to had my own business managing their accounts and others with a better and more complete tool, Jarvee.

In 2017 I started to work with Jarvee, bringing dozens of customers on boarding, jarvee has much more tools then those softwares that I’ve been working with at that time and with that, customers were growing much faster and with better filters overall.

When we got the follow block wave on 4th June 2019 I’ve find out a solution where I posted here, Solution Thread, with that solution I was able to help in and out that thread hundreds of users, specially some agencies in China, USA and Brazil that I consult till this date.

Today I’ve my own social media agency “It’s Your Time Management” were we have 168 customers subscribed to monthly plans but I’ve also done a partnership with other social media agency in Hong Kong “Riotly Social Media” since the block wave in June 2019 to this date with that come other collaborations with many other agencies worldwide + got the chance to have my own proxy service “Mobile Proxies Portugal” that helped many others to work with better and more secure connections over their social media management.

Let’s stop to talk about myself and let’s talk about the consulting and how I can help you, first of all, everything is changing and everything have changed last months again, if you start to think like “ oh but before was like this or before was like that ”, please stop there! If you are thinking like that then we need to refine your mindset, right now instagram management is hard work, if not yours, it will be from someone else.

Instagram is constantly changing the algo’s and we need to adapt almost everyday to the many issues we can find out, I’m here to help you to fix those issues that you frequently see on a daily basis but the accounts need to be monitored closer and the solution to your issues today, may be not the same solution with a week or month from now.

There is not any magic potion, I spend 16 to 18 hours per day with the servers opened and checking them and solving issues and also when I’m not there I’ve a team of 4 helping monitoring the accounts and with billing and sales.

So it’s not easy like you turn on automatic mode and leave it, specially dealing with meticulous customers but I can help you to solve many of the issues you’ll find out, some issues can be solved immediately and others may take some days.

How we gonna do the consulting or one by one training:

I will check your server using anydesk, team viewer or any other tool you prefer and also do a call by facetime, whatsapp, telegram or skype with all the details when checking all the accounts with issues, you will not pay anything for that, after checking your server and issues we will talk about the price.

Payments are done before the consulting and after we check your servers with money back guarantee of 7 days.

Payments are per hour consulting, if you need more than one hour we will schedule within the best price possible.

Starting price exclusively for April 2020:

125€ + VAT for europeans and non Europeans without tax ID number (per hour consulting and in 1 hour we can do a lot believe me).

Payments are made via PayPal, Stripe, Transferwise, Revolut, Curve, and Bank Transfers.

I also do consulting and one by one training for Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin management.

Some consulting customers that have been working with me for a while now: @sglomer @lochorui @electrifymedia @viralux @jonabalop and many many others that I hope to leave their review here.

Results with some customer last days:

If you have any further question, please drop me a DM here or reply to this topic.

Or alternatively you can also reach me out through WhatsApp support channel 24/7:
Whatsapp: https://wa.me/351926686612


Thread approved. Good luck with the sales!


Thank you @Adnan, it’s great to have this public market place opened, great work as always guys!


Thank you @bluster, hope you’ve liked the consulting and the one by one training on LinkedIn.

Let’s rock :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Thank you @talc66, I hope you’ve enjoyed and learned a few tips, if you have any further questions please let me know.

Let’s rock :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

After June I was hopeless with my IG client management, after several conversations and seeing how good the results that @Itsyourtime was having amid so many blocks that everyone was having, I consulted.

I was very well attended, all my blocks were solved and I continue with my IG account management until today.

Whenever I need, I do new consultations and all the problems I have with IG accounts are solved.

Thank you and highly recommend.


Thank you so much Andre, you’re one of my best customers without any doubt, not only over consulting but also proxies. Above all you turned to be a great friend too!

Glad to have you on board buddy and proud and thankful to see your feedback.
I wish you many success and let’s keep grinding :rocket:


Great response rate. Always there when needed. And really helped to save my clients.

Adolfo is not longer a service provider he just turn a friend. Great dude and a real professional.

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Gracias Jon! My pleasure to help you and to be your friend since the first consulting! Thank you for your review, really appreciated :fire:

Is it weird you are active on two threads here on the marketplace leaving positive feedback?


He is a very old customer of consulting and also mobile proxies :facepunch:

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hmm ok… my detective work here is done :hole:

You’re totally right to do that and inspect @Teo_Bunica
I hope more people that have been working with me come here to post their feedbacks, I’ve tagged some of them on the post but if anyone have any questions just drop it here I’ll do my best to respond as soon as possible.

Cheers :beers:

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Does your consulting service cover Jarvee and other IG growth methods as well?

If yes, what other methods are we talking about?

Thanks :hamburger:

Yes it does cover Jarvee and other softwares @Teo_Bunica

I’ve an alternative method that is not with Jarvee using stories views + voting that is included on my consultings / trainings.

With that said, I’ve two methods that can growth accounts beside the ADS of course.

You welcome :facepunch:

Yes @Teo_Bunica, I have been a @Itsyourtime ustomer for a long time, both 4G mobile proxy and consulting.

My feedback was even great for both topics because I wanted to pass on all my satisfaction with the quality of @Itsyourtime services.

If you are in need or thinking about consulting or testing new proxies, I totally recommend, big hug friend.

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Very helpful, thank you for sharing the information. will use again

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I’m glad to know that @talc66, I hope you start to bring more customers and have a lot of success, thank you :beers:

Consulting done yesterday to @T_Jac hope you’ve liked it.

Thank you.

Ps: Update on the results of last days with some new and old customers

Was really nice !
Need to wait a few days to see how it goes, I’ll for sure let everyone now :wink:
Thanks for your kindness, see you soon !

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