[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)

The only one rule: Please do not mention any software names on the thread.

This solution is not for new accounts created recently, it’s is only for client accounts(specially older) that was follow blocked on 4th and 29th june.

I’m consulting here with many SMM companies and I’ve helped them to solve the follow block issue for 623 accounts (updated 19th july) on the last days and I’m pretty sure I’ve find the solution that will work for many of you, if I missed something I’ll add later on.

First things first, this is over and all accounts should be back to work, if you’re still blocked from 4th june, you’ve something wrong with your setup.

It can be:

  1. Proxies.
  2. Settings on your software.
  3. Amount of activities in the last 30 days.
  4. Device fingerprint.

Solutions I’ve found and remember, all depends of the account trust score and how it was created etc:

  1. First of all, many of the clients I’m consulting had the follow tool turned on since 4th june and when I checked the results page they were with block lifted on 19 to 26 june but got block after block after block as they didn’t stop the follow tool since than, so please stop the follow tool for all blocked accounts first and wait until you can follow 1 person manually on the EB to be sure it’s following properly, when you’re sure, please keep the tool stopped and don’t follow anyone else the next 48h .
  2. After block lifted please do not restart the follow tool on the same day and also ask your client to not try to follow anyone there in their phone, rest the follow tool for at least 48h and start the tool warming up 5-15 max follows on first day than after warm up 3-5 days you can get back to work.
  3. Mobile proxies is working better than DC, no hard blocks on likes and I’m able to go to 400 likes per day with some accounts without blocks (you can say all you want, I’m using mobile and have no issue, if you are not having issues amazing but if you are having issues and use DC with moderate settings, think twice )
  4. For follows is definitely working better with "wait between" 60 and 90 minutes before each new operation and with a delay between 20 and 40 seconds between each follow at least .
  5. For stories views and story comment you can go harder and get good fbr and engagement back(No limitations so far).
  6. For like please use it mixed with like after follow and you will get better follow back ratio and again, USE MOBILE PROXIES(limitation for DC proxies around 100-130 likes per day)
  7. For like comments there is not any change on limitations from before 4th june (limitations around 90-160 per day)
  8. For comments there is not any change on limitations from before 4th june (limitations around 70-230 per day)
  9. For dm’s, same as before, can’t see changes on limitations I do around 28-40 per day.

If you’re having issues with API or your tools are stucked but still can do all the actions on embedded browser and also on the phone, please do the following:

Please set your accounts to do actions on the embedded browser when actions blocked going to: SETTINGS --> Social Platform --> Instagram Tab .

Then UNCHECK the options below:

“Use only embedded browser to follow ”
“Use only embedded browser to like”
“Use only embedded browser to comment”

Now go to SOCIAL PROFILES tab, click on your account, then scroll down and check the option Show Advanced Profile Settings .

Then CHECK the options below:

“Use embedded browser to follow when action blocked”
“Use embedded browser to like when action blocked”
“Use embedded browser to comment when action blocked”

:::Another solution/alternative to action block without RESET DEVICE ID - only for accounts that are working on the phone and web but not in EB:::

f you have action blocks working with the EB, and if your client are still able to follow with the app (even if you get action block pop up when trying via EB)


Go to Social profiles, select the account, and click where says “ actions on selected profiles ” and then “ clear cookies ”, then “ start and stop the tool ”, you should be good to go.

I’ve found three solutions for LOGIN LOOP/TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION not showing up issues that work on most cases:

  1. Add new instagram profile and put username:pass and try.
  2. Please change to mobile or residential proxy, reset ID and try again if it does not login directly, ask customer to click where says IT WAS ME and try again.
  3. Please ask the client to check their settings -> security -> LOGIN ACTIVITY and click where says IT WAS ME on the lastest login activity and try again.

Overall all working good and it not a software issue, is just amount of activities + settings + proxies + fingerprints device.

And there is some w3ird cases with new accounts that still working on a solution.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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::::***NEW SOLUTION TO API BLOCKS 20th july 2019:***::::

Let’s say the username is itsyourtime and they have API block, do the follow steps:

Add a letter at the end of the username and try to verify (itsyourtimeX) and you will have a credential error, remove the letter X and try to verify again, you should be valid now.

Fix for the issue:

::::::::::::::::UPDTATE 21th August 2019::::::::::::::::


Reducing compromised account messages, just to remember this is not a solution, from my testings and after last updates from the software we use, looks like it reduces the compromised messages significantly (08.21.2019)

Check the boxes to do actions only by Embedded Browser:
Use only EB to Like
Use only EB to Comment
Use only EB to Follow
Use only EB to Unfollow

Updated: 27th september 2019, I’m using settings below to avoid compromised and constantly logout on client accounts.
Advanced profile settings.
Uncheck logout from embedded browser when F/U/C using EB is blocked.


Great share, thanks! I might post mine insights too with insights for over couple of hundreds accounts.

So, this is for 30 days, or the limitation applies also for 30days / 405 = @15 days?


Yes that is what I want to do, 15 days 400 per day and other 15 days unfollowing as standard settings.

I was not able to test for a full month doing 405 yet but I want to push over 6000/30 and see.

It was not possible to do a 405 follows per day for 5 or 6 days consecutively, it stop to work before and wont do actions, I’m feeling this days is getting better, let’s see what’s come up next days/weeks.


Thank you for the solution :slight_smile:
I have a question:
You set only likes like this?
Is anything else to it?
Because as I set only in this I do not see that he liked the picture after the observation in the dashboard.
I do not see that he was doing anything, only with these settings :frowning:

And do you also send DM messages?
Is 50 messages a day appropriate? Can you increase this limit?


You welcome my friend.
No I do differently change the wait between to 60 to 90

Like between 1 and 2

uncheck random post, like the most recent ones is best.
check like before follow 50% is ok
check like percentage to 25%

Yes I do DM message, check the topic description where I say about it and yes you can do 50 and more but is i don’t advice to.


how many accs can be run by the proxies


Depend of your provider, normally and the best is to run up to 8-10 accs but like big cities dedicated/private mobile proxies can run up to 100 accounts.


THANK YOU. very great post.

Quick question: can you mention exactly who your proxies are from?


Sure, I’ll shot you a message.


In the other options you like doing nothing? Only in this option? Forgive me for asking so but I would like to make sure :slight_smile:

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The other I leave like you have it, just changed that ones. You welcome brother, always glad to help


I’m looking for a 4g proxy, but I can’t still inbox you ‘cause I’m new!


I’m sorry, I do not understand, could you put it different? <3 Thank you for your help! You are Great <3

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How soon after an account creation do you do the 405/15 setup?

I’m experiencing bans left and right on fresh made accounts with a slow warmup. Might be cause of the story replying bit cant say for sure.


First of all welcome to the the best forum in the world! Yes, sure!

I mean that, compared to your printscreen, I’ve changed only the options I’ve send to you on the response to that message.

Yes brother I’ve experienced too and with slave accounts I’m still working on it as you. No bans since our last conversation.


Airsocks looks to be from Russia does that mean clients will see a login attempt from Russia?

They have from UK, USA too. And yes.


So it should work and do not set or turn anything on the separate likes panel?

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Yes indeed my friend or you can limit the number of likes there, I’ve limited the percentage to 25% and also on the like tool, so it won’t go further.


Sorry but I can’t understand what you mean