Banned account - Unable to follow/Do any other action

Hey guys, has anybody been able to lift a ban that whenever you try to follow it says ‘unable to follow at the moment’ or something like that? also the account is shown as “Caution: This account is temporarily restricted” to other users but no PV or Captcha is provided when logged in
Some accounts been resting for over month with no change, what would you suggest to try?

Try to change IP address or a device and see if you are able to do it from there.

Logged onto my phone with 4g, last 24 hours nothing changed

Restricted but not banned?

yes, when you view some accounts, it will alert you just like this one but the acct is not suspended yet


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Thanks Jessi for the explanation :pray:

Also looking for fix for this :confused:

I’ve tried waiting about a month and trying a different proxy with no luck. Any other ideas to test?

Just to check, are you also getting the same issue that the account shows valid but Twitter returns that your account is restricted?

Yeah. Some of them were definitely fresh accounts I bought, where I think account creation had something to do with it. Maybe the proxy or phone # it was created with got reused before I logged into it. It happened on fresh accounts, but also others that I didn’t even have a chance to use.

It’s recommended to use proxies that reflect the same location as the IPs the accounts were created on so it will just look like you connected to a diff wifi network but you are still within the same country…

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Hey get back to me. I have the same issue lately with fresh PVA twitter. Many of my last ones are restricted, not banned. Jarvee does not even recognize them as ‘‘suspended’’ or ‘blocked’’. When I use the EB it doesnt show the ‘‘Your account is suspended…’’ message. When I try to follow someone, it says I am unable to follow.

But its has been weeks now.

Should I buy more accounts so that hopefully they work?

How much are you buying your accounts for? I was not able to figure out yet the trigger for the ban… but if all accounts like that from this provider there must be issue