Bans after one day - almost always

Hi guys
I start getting desperate. My accounts get banned like hell. What I do:

  1. Create accounts with different proxies and and emails from my own domain
  2. Then scrape expired domains and change the accounts accordingly
  3. then upload profile images and give the blog a title.
  4. then i reblog 10 posts with my KW
  5. then I blog one post with my URL
  6. start liking 30- 80 per day for KW (people who reblogged with KW)
  7. start following 30 - 60 per day (scraped list of users OR by KW)
  8. Do so for about 100 accounts
  9. Either next day ALL get banned OR after a few days most of them get banned

I really have no clue what I do wrong

I think that’s because you use fresh accounts and you add links too early.

Try buying PVA Aged Accounts. Just drop me a PM if you want to find vendors.
And you should add link after few days of warming up !

Doesn’t sound like you’re warming the accounts up. You can’t just creates accounts and start doing a ton of actions the first few days in my experience.

How long do you warm them up?

Buy the accounts and if your using software go with tumblingjazz.

Also, check your proxies. They might be spammed. I prefer to use as I can tell them what I want to use them for and they provide clean proxies.