Be careful with this message

So my friend just got this DM. If you get this too please be careful.

It looks like a real message from the Instagram Team because someone started a group. But the message is from someone else, not the official Instagram Team.



lol, thanks for telling us though I hope noone on this forum would be stupid enough to click a link with a million dots in it :smiley:


I hope so too. I thought maybe some people only see the verified badge. So maybe they think “that must be real” :see_no_evil:

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user: Instagrambrasil
link: instagram(.)com-france(.)pw :)))))


The person “imthebeamgod” started a group :rofl: including the Brasilian Instagram Team

Thanks I will definitely Be aware of this

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Exactly :joy::joy:

I have received the same message.
They create a group with 3 members: @They + @Instagram + @You => Send this message to chat box then they are out. :smile:

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quite a clever scam !! really … i push 2 factor auth with my clients.

Thanks for warning me and others.:pray:t2:

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You’re welcome

Now that’s what I call a bh twist :woman_student:t6:

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Yeah I recieved almost the exact same message the other day. Had the Instagram logo and looked legit without actually cicking anything. Thanks for the heads up! :grinning:

LOL @mindeswx is the biggest POS to hit MP in a while, I wouldn’t take his suggestions.

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It’s a hacker. They also send emails to big accounts pretending to be IG support, saying that your account has been selected for verification and to click the link Below to log in and get verified… but when you log in, it saves your password info and they hack your page. I know a few users who lost their pages to this trick :frowning: