Be good to one another, strive to become a leader

Hello mpsocial,

I didn’t want to go out like this, but as @pow said, “start a fight in the comments”.

JARVEE and the dev team are the shit. As a person I’m not going to take accusations about me. As a forum, I gotta tell you. I really enjoyed it. I repped @henrycooper because I have to say. I didn’t trust him at all. But he is literally the glue that holds this together. How many leaders do you see helping people openly?

@dma or whatever the his name is can say what they want. @mojojo is so detached that they had no clue I nuked my threads in the leader level. It’s been over a week.

I will miss this place, and the people. But I have to focus on me. Be good, be kind, help each other. You can succeed. You can do this. You will always make it.

I’m not sorry for my actions. I wish you all continued success, and I hope that there’s more transparency going forward. I don’t know how works for @dma245 or whatever. But I do know that @henrycoopers associates have been chill and silent.

Stay strong, keep JARVEE going, be kind and helpful to one another. You will always make money. You can still share and others can still benefit.

It’s ok to keep the best secrets, but when people are new and need directions? Please be kind. Please be helpful. Please succeed.

I’ll see you all on the other side.



Thats gonna be a trendy topic soon I believe :smiley:


Don’t leave the forum wortime!
We love you and we need you :heart:
Please stay a part of our community! :pray:


It’s deserved @pow. Keep helpful others. Balance is key. I wish you all the best even if I was wrong or mean. I just wanted the best for the forum.


You are the best @wortime! Everyone loves you! Don’t even dare to leave us!!!


I don’t even know what’s happend, can someone explain?

I wasn’t mind to you @pow. But keep bringing it. Keep testing and sharing.

BHW is a cannxser and I loved to see everyone help one another.

Keep pushing for transparency, keep supporting those who give back to the community. Be a leader on your own niche. Sales and money are good. Helping others is better.


Thats why you are so important for the community. You always presented this behaviour!


That is happening right here @wortime?? I am kinda confused.

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It is @pow. Be good, be a leader and not just for money.

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Now I will be sitting and thinking whats happening here…

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Thanks for all your support you’ve given here bud…
my experience on this forum in the last 2 years wouldnt be the same without you always being on…

(and damn, you are one dedicated dude to replying fast and helpful… ive learned so much from some of your short and sometimes long detailed posts)

I am sure you are making a decision for the best.

Edit: but pls drop by from time to time :slightly_smiling_face:.


@wortime is the guy who made this forum popular! Give this post a like if you agree with that and you don’t want to leave him :slight_smile: This guy gave us so many tips!


I’m haven’t been here for a long time, but in this short period your big contribution to the community (and sometimes myself) was significant.

Not sure about why you’re leaving but I assume it’s irrelevant to ask

Best of luck :crossed_fingers:

    1. I don’t want @wortime to leave this forum!
    1. But I don’t want @wortime to leave this forum!

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@wortime I only told you one day!!! Dont leave us on these hard times, we need our captain :sweat:


Seen: 28 mins. I am kinda scared right now… Please come back!



I do not know you personally and have only interacted with you a few times on here. But I truly admire you and all that you are. You have a kindness that you spread to anyone asking for it and that is rare in this world. And so much rarer in this industry. I have been sitting here silently appreciating you - so now it’s time to say it out loud when I feel it is necessary.

I have only heard absolutely great things about you. The best, actually. Negative people will always find something to be negative about - and you know what triggers negative people the most? Positive people.

Karma is real. I know some of what went on recently as I was kind of apart of that information being leaked here - and I get it. My trust has been shaken since I had done some deep digging and found a few skeletons in a few closets. I’m sure this was a long time coming but I understand as you were recently saying your reputation was in question. When other ACTUALLY questionable things are going on around here. But I know that most of us never ever questioned anything, and we have your back, dude!

If this is about you, and you need to take a step back, I support it. But if this is about other people and their mislead opinions … please don’t go anywhere. Please.

We need you, @wortime.


I only just started to get to know you @wortime - Hopefully this won’t be the last time I see you. You were one of the people I respected the most on this forum.

I don’t know what’s going on but I hope you will reconsider your departure or at least make it temporary…you were always such a good source of assistance to so many, myself included.

At the very least, if you do plan to go forever and my offer of beer & wings can’t keep you please DM me your email/skype so we can keep in touch from time to time.


? - Hit me up please @wortime