Be saluted new users

First and foremost I like to welcome all new users to this forum. Great having like-minded people joining to share experience and knowledge.

I am sure we all like to keep all threads on track and easy to find. So let’s all help eachother.

I am just witnessing on different threads that forum rules are not being kept regarding bumping old threats or sticking to the subject and not hijacking other peoples threads and changing the subject. I just don’t wish to be the guy pointing finger at anyone directly, as I believe that everyone should feel welcome. Together we stand strongest.

So before things might get out of hand, kindly take a few seconds of your time and read the forum rules in order to avoid any future misunderstandings.

Thank you.


As a moderator, I am always trying to clean those up when I see them pop up. If I miss some, feel free to send me a PM or press the report button in the thread :slight_smile:


Sure thing @HenryCooper

I just thought I would try a more diplomatic approach.
I don’t want anyone feeling stepped on and instead feel welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
They might not intentionally have overlooked the rules.

I did link to the guideline thread just to make it easier for no one to miss it.