Beginners Guide to M/S

Thanks @Bianca
It could be a lot more detailed but I feel as a beginner too much information at one time is confusing. It’s better to takle new obstacles as they come.

Great straight forward guide, I can see this being helpful for a beginner.

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Update: Now the biggest issue ive had the past few months is scrapers. Happy to say all my slaves have survived all these captcha waves with no issues.

But you cannot grow without a scraping setup.

From what ive experienced over the past few months is reduced api limits and random captcha waves.

So too overcome this I had to use only specific users and start very low with the scrapers and let them warmup. Then add more until you find a balance of scrapers staying alive vs full actions.

I can’t give you the exact settings as it seems very dependent on the scraper quality. Some can do 1000 calls a day with no issues while others will do 100 and die. So its all about testing!

*Btw I need testers to see if my new child accounts are as bulletproof as I think they are. So dm if you are interested in a few free accounts!


Great info for beginners, Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem. I tried the unlimited api calls version seen on another thread and spent too much time trying to verify accounts. Easier to go with the old school way.

Only issue is you need 3-5 scrapers per main/slave. So will have thousands at some point lol.

Updated tips:

There was a brief moment where Instagram was killing off scrapers and times got rough. I found a cheap and very effective solution and it seems to be not a problem for me anymore.

There was a big wave a few weeks ago that killed thousands of accounts. Some of the big agencies got hit hard. I lost about 100 myself. Since then jarvee has not been running the same. Lots of random captcha and verifications.

I have been speaking to the developers for over a week and they emailed me saying that lots of people have started getting similar issues with EB and that they are working on some new updates to make jarvee safer. (Hopefully within a few days).

With this in mind: Here are some updated tips.

  1. Use homemade or aged accounts for slaves. Bot created accounts tend to die fast. Ideally these accounts are made in app on a real phone, real sims etc.

  2. Use a good 4G proxy with 50-100 scrapers attached. 3-4 for every slave (child) will do. Don’t know why people use 10. Set api limits to a max of 400 api calls a day and warm the scrapers up with api calls.

  3. Use 4G proxies for running accounts. You can try residential or DC but most are overused and oversaturated with spam. So, good ones are hard to find.

Do not rotate the 4G too much. I realized that doing 10min ip rotation was actually causing more blocks then my older setup of 8 hours. A normal account doesn’t do actions on a different ip each time. This is a red flag.

  1. Warm up the accounts properly with small actions for a week before starting follow/unfollow warmup. Don’t dm on fresh accounts till at least 3-4 weeks and start slow.

  2. Try EB and api. I mostly use EB but am trying to figure out api at the moment. Its good to have different options and also EB uses a lot of cpu and ram so its good to have a combination of both.

  3. Do not rush things. Instagram is very rough on growth hackers at the moment and every few weeks is another new update that changes the game. This is why its important to start small. On a few accounts, start slow and warmup. Then scale up slowly while testing everything.

  4. Be paranoid. If you have a feeling something doesn’t seem right. Shut your accounts off. There are big waves atm that can take out most of your accounts so being cautious and trying to predict what IG will do is a nessessity now. For instance I suggest you use the ‘stop accounts when verification’ options in global settings. This will save so many accounts.

  5. Email Jarvee support. I have found that being persistent gets you further. When I first started with jarvee I would get asked the same questions over and over and I would loose my mind. But, what they do now is they have a history of your past interactions and know what issues and experiences you have had.

The key is to keep emailing until you find an answer. I got told that EB was working fine a week ago. Then I kept sending in logs until I got a reply saying other people have been having issues and that they are working on making jarvee safer. So persistence is key!

  1. Prepare to spend money. M/S is costly to run and setup. Especially at scale. If you can barely afford Jarvee and can’t afford to waste money on testing proxies, accounts, scrapers etc. Then you are not ready for MS.

  2. Test everything first. Don’t change settings in mass, don’t buy large amounts of proxies, accounts or scrapers without testing them. Just because something works for one person does not mean it works for everyone.

Any questions? DM me or comment.
P.S I’m not doing MS for any new people so please don’t ask. I get lots of dms asking and am way too busy atm.

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Hey! thanks for the updates.
I have started it myself 2 weeks back with 5 Slaves and 15scrapers.
Only Couple of scrapers died in 2-3 days as i didn’t applied any api limits and delays on the scrapers. but after a week i implemented default values in api limits and all accounts are working still.

I think i will go through this process with 5 accounts easily. I want to ask you a couple of questions regarding scaling up and using 4g proxy.

  1. Currently i am using 5 Salves on 4g mobile proxy with rotation of 30 minutes.
    Can you tell me how to Scale up and i can use 10-15 accounts simultaneously on 1 proxy.

  2. What should be vps specifications if i am using 100 mains and 250-300 scrapers accounts?

  1. At the moment its quite hard to run 10-15 accounts per proxy. But the best way to test it is to slowly add more and see what happens. Then if you can do that, then repeat the process with a new batch. Key is to double the overall accounts. But 2 weeks is still very new so you may want to let the accounts run at full actions for a bit to see what happens.

  2. You need at least 32gb ram. Cores are harder to recommend as it depends on the processor.

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Can u show me or tell me your config in api limits and delays on the scrapers??

These are my settings and they work fine.


How do you warm up the scrapes ?? i am burning 2-3 scrapers a day…

Mines similar except I do 80 calls an hour and have less error limits. 3 per hour and 10 per day

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How many accounts are needed to run a succesful campaign for a client?

Very much depends on the mother, the sources and the slaves.

Someone that just wants growth will gorw fast, while someone that wants leads for a business will grow slower. Especially if the sources arnt directly related to the mother. IE. Lawyers using real estate pages etc

You can either reduce the values and inrease them until it reaches the desired amount or just add more scrapers so they share more work. I always have way more scrapers than needed so they all have low api calls

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There’s a lot of factors like targeting and then the actually pages themselves you can do two ways one that looks like the mother page or one that is a completely different page used to make look like a real page that is more general to the same field as mother account. Final thing that is crucial is understanding the field the client is in, if you don’t, then do not do this for them because you need the pages and even more important the direct message to really sell the mother page. Lack of knowledge in these areas will result in significantly less results.

Current MS Tips.

  1. 4G is still the safest way to go and can be cost effective if you know how to manage 10+ accounts on them.
    I recommend @ggncool and have been using his for months now.

  2. Be more careful with new accounts. It seems as though trust score has been lowered even further and they need to be warmed up with care.

  3. Have accounts running on different setups. You should be trialing some on EB and api. A lot of people have mixed reviews on both but you must find the one that suits you. Plus if one goes bad, at least you know the other can save you.

  4. Don’t copy or share peoples exact setup. This is what creates waves. People share their settings on the open forum or on YouTube and then everyone copies. BOOM! Captcha Waves. You can share with people you are close with and help each other but don’t share it in mass.

  5. Start small, figure out costs then scale. People fail because they start with too much and they can’t control everything.

  6. Trial different ways to buy/ make accounts. Creation can cause lots of issues during warmup if done poorly. Try different vendors and create yourself and see which does the best.

  7. Prepare to spend money. Learning this stuff is expensive and only when you have a working formula that can scale will you be able to bring that cost right down. Even hiring a coach to teach some things can help fast track. I paid a few back when I started.

I know these arnt your copy and paste tips, but I’m not someone that spoon feeds people. Do the work and you will reap the rewards! Hopefully some of you guys are still going.


Do you turn on the “FULL API Emulation” or not?