Beginners Guide to M/S

Hey guys! I’ve been around this forum for almost a year now so I thought I would try give the new people some tips on getting started with m/s. Now, this is a cheap, easy way to do things and get some experience. I am not going to hold your hand and guide you throughout. But I will help you get on your feet and give you some no BS tips that don’t promote any type of service or promotion.

What is M/S? Basically, we want to create some slave accounts that will engage and grow on Jarvee, then we want to use them to help grow our main account. AKA the mother. This method works well if you do not want to risk your account getting blocks or doing automation on it.

Warning: M/S can be expensive and it can also be very stressful. So, be prepared for both.

  1. Create a Jarvee account- The 30 account plan is perfect to start on.

  2. Create/ Buy 5 Great accounts. This means manually created in the app with real sims. These last a lot longer than the cheap automated ones you can find or make yourself. Dm me if you want to know where to get these from.

  3. Buy 1 Raw 4G modem- Use a raw modem and you can use 5 accounts on it. Check the marketplace for these, I won’t single out just the provider I use. I’m sure there are lots of great ones.

  4. Put the accounts onto the proxy on jarvee and leave them to rest for 24-48 Hours. No actions. Set up with embedded browser only. No API

  5. This is the expensive part: Buy 15-20 scrapers from the marketplace or you can purchase filtered users. Either or works. Just prepare to burn through lots. Buy cheap proxies for each, you can use ipv4, ipv6, DC. Some people even use 4G modems. It all depends on your budget. Set them up with this: [METHOD] Alternative Way to Setup Your Scraper Accounts -JARVEE

  6. Warm up the account with basic tools like random browser actions, stories etc.
    Do not do-follow or use likes until the second week. Play around with different warmup patterns. Brand new accounts need to be warmed up properly!

  7. Week two: Continue the light actions from week 1 but add in light follows or likes. Blocks of 3-5 every few hours. starting at max 5 actions and progressing each day by 5. I.E
    Day 1: 5 Follows
    Day 2: 10 Follows
    Day 3: 15 Follows etc.

  8. In Week three you can start to ramp the following up and add in other tools. I don’t use DM’s till week 4 personally. But that is a choice you can make on your own.

  9. Week four: Set up dms with a big spintax. There are lots of threads on this topic so have a search and create your own. Start DMing

  10. Once you can do 100+ follows a day, 10-20 dms a day on the five accounts. it’s time to scale up. You can now add 5 more slaves or 10 if you are super keen.

The hard parts are the blocks, PV, EV, scraper deaths etc. The key is to try and set up your tools as you would do them on your phone manually.

Feel free to add any questions or leave any other tips I have left out guys!


super nice, that will definitely help a lot of users M/S can be very confusing for a lot of people.

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Awesome :+1: Many thanks!

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Very nice guide!
Btw, do you use API emulation or EB?

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Cool stuff :+1:

Out of interest what would you expect as a daily follow increase on the main account with 15-20 scrapes running?

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Thanks for sharing! Lots of users will surely will find this guide helpful. :+1:

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I use only EB. Had too many issues with api and combined.

Do you mean slaves?
If so, I usually try aim for at least 1-3 follows to mother per account. But this all comes down to the FBR of the slave. If your not getting at least 10 new followers a day on the slave, it will be harder to hit that.


How do you post content & stories then? I thought you can’t do that with EB only :thinking:

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I post 9 great posts when I create the account. Or if you buy them post before warmup.

Then I will manually post once every few weeks. No one ever looks at my post dates. Always get a decent FBR even on slaves that are 6 months old.

For a few of my slaves I have also put them on creative studio and set up posts that way. Lots more effort though. When you run over 100 accounts you want to stream line as much as you can.


Ive had lots of issues with accounts linking with JV. So, I avoid posting on it. Have had 50 accounts die in an hour

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Great Guide! Thanks

Great guide boss!
Quick question, in terms of offering M/S to people. Can one slave handle two mains or it has to be one slave can only do 1 main?

And let say they question, which slave are you using do you ever give your client the name list of your slaves? or is it more a trust


Easy steps, straight on. No bullshit!
Nice guide for beginners :clap:

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You can use slaves on any main account if they are in the same niche. I make fitness slaves so I can change the @ in the Dms to another account or add in a spintax so that it’s 50:50 between two accounts.
It’s all done in the DMs

hey, that’s a cool method nicely written.

can you tell us how many follows the slaves are able to do per day? and how do you get 100 follows per day with 10-20 dm’s from 5 accounts?

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So, the 100 follows is just the slave doing that many actions. You won’t get 100 follows to the mother account. More like 5-10 a day is realistic.

Slowly adding more actions each day is the key to increasing.

My slaves do around 120-150 follows a day, my DMs I keep to 10-20 just to make sure the accounts ares safe and I always have dms loaded for the next few days incase of follow blocks etc


Thanks for taking the time to make the guide! Do you have separate sims with individual contracts/numbers for each slave account, or do you find it’s OK to have more than one slave account per sim?

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I have used 5 slaves on 1 sim many times with no difference. I tend to add emails because I hate having to go through hundreds of sim cards to PV. I barely ever get Pv though.


Great share @heroeslair, this could be very useful for forum users that are new and who just don’t know where to start at all. It’s good that you mentioned some things that could go wrong and that could take more effort.

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