Best ads placement and niche for Adsense

hey Adnan,

I saw your printscreen of yout pageviews and i was impressed, because i have a lot more, but not so much money jajaja

I know it all depends on the niche, but could you give me some tips of where should i put the ads?


OK. I made this thread public so others can benefit and maybe contribute.

Iā€™m using 3 ads on my page, first one is right after the title, second one is after the image in the post and the last one is located right before the last paragraph.

All ads are 300x250, image and text ads. Niche is health, fitness, natural remedies.

Most of the traffic is USA, then UK and Australia. Probably over 90% of visits are from these countries. I placed the ads this way after a lot if tests and it looks like this works fine for me since most visitors come from mobile.

If you have more pageviews than I do and earning less, then you probably placed ads wrong or you get traffic from low paying countries.

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If someone else has some tips regarding adsense, please share with us.

Hey Adnan!

Thanks a lot for the fast answer.

Actually, most of my traffic is from Spain, so i dont know if they pay less or not, wich is strange. Also, the niche is Gaming and Tech. SO i dont know.

My ad placements is: before and after the post an horizontal adaptable ad, and between, also horizontal, when it have more than 300 words. I also have 2 in the sidebar, but i think is useless. The content ones are the ones with more clicks.

I change now to test, ading a rectangular one floting in the left side at the begging of the articles, added a big one in the sidebad and let the other two: after content and in the middle for the biggest ones. Let see how it goes now.

I found this, maybe can be usefull.

I suggest to try Widescrapper 300x600 in the middle of the post and responsive add before or after the first paragraph (you need to test this).