Best app to track who unfollows you?

I know this has been posted before, but Instagram is constantly changing. I am looking for an app to simply notify me who has unfollowed me. I don’t need to use it to unfollow anyone.

I’ve heard that some of these apps aren’t in good favor with Instagram and I don’t want to use one that will lead to a block just for initially syncing my followers with it etc.

Any suggestions?


Ghost followers remove this thread is helpful. People use cleaner or JV. Some have had problems with cleaner app and getting account compromised, but I haven’t

Thank you. I read that thread.

I’d like to try Cleaner, just concerned it’s flagged by Insta and will block me, even if I don’t bulk unfollow. Sounds like that hasn’t been a problem for you tho…

I don’t use the app to unfollow. I see who has unfollowed on the app and then I manually unfollow.

thank you. I appreciate that

No problem :ok_hand:t3:

@Powerlifter Is cleaner and android or ois app? And also can you kindly post a picture of the app icon? Just to make sure that is the right one I pick to test with :pray:
Thank you in advance.

No problem, this is it image

I have this app on my iPhone, not sure if it’s on Android

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@Powerlifter Thanks alot bro. Appreciated.

I have a couple of accounts I wanna test this app on. Now you haven’t encountered any issues when the app scrapes all the follower and followings in the beginning now have you?

I tried a couple of other apps. And once it reached around 2000 profiles, it kind of got blocked and the profile got hit by temp block.

Anything similar you may have encountered using cleaner?

Nope. But I’m also following less than 1500 accounts.

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Please let me know it you have any issues with blocks!! I’d really appreciate it

The cleaner app is “no longer available in my region.” My ride or die… :tired_face: are you using another app now?

Bro I never managed to find cleaner for my region either. I even tried looking for it on 3rd. party app sites as I am using an android device. But it was not there. I remember finding it one place, but the cleaner app version was outdated.

However I did find 2 other apps after some questioning and research.
I used these for a short time, just to clean out my personal IG, I then changed the password of my IG and uninatalled the apps.
Now these are android apps.

  1. Followers analyzer for instagram.

  2. Unfollower for instagram

The smart feature both these apps have, is that it pushes you to the specific account on the IG app, and you get to unfollow on the IG app.

I hope this can help you out.

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Good share, @Micky pretty sure unfollowers is on iPhone too

My pleasure bro. Just say if you need anything further @Powerlifter

Ended up getting Followers. Really like it. Am following around 500 people and no problem with the first sync or anything going forward.

Followers no longer works with the latest iOS and is no longer available in the App Store.

Anyone in the US still using Cleaner, Unfollower or Followers with success and no Accounts Compromised or blocks??

I need a replacement that Instagram won’t block you for using