Ghost followers remove


Do you have any idea how to fast remove ghost followers ??


We talked about something similar in that thread.


i saw that but i was thinking about an automated way to remove


Maybe other users can chime in with some more efficient methods.


It is an automate way to do it, I’m not doing that manually :sweat_smile:


I would recommend using Jarvee for this. There is a Block Followers tool that you can use.
In order to remove ghost followers, you have to ask the tool to block followers who haven’t interacted with your posts.
Blocking them will have them unfollow you and therefore automatically remove your ghost followers


I’m using Cleaner for Instagram.

Android :
iOS :

I’m not related with them btw. These apps are free, but to run it on background you have to pay. :frowning:


You can automate jarvee to get rid of ghost followers by using the block tool for x number of hours a day and make sure to check remove followers instead of block and in the settings click do not remove follower if they have liked or commented


I’ve used the “Cleaners App for IG” on apple store, although you have to pay to bulk remove, its well worth the purchase to remove ghost followers


I bought a account last years and it was crappy tbh. Dude could not get into OG mail and was a mess.
Followed shitty hashtags – #cats and its a damn quote page. Make a long story short.

  1. Unfollowed people who did not follow back.
  2. Removed all hashtag follows.
  3. Stopped using hashtags on posts.

    okay, got to grow on its own. a small 15.5k account, growing 50 a day. No f/u.
    I need to remove 5k of followers and going to scrape soon. However, I am not going to block ghost followers – going to remove India followers.
    Every account I have now except for this one is primarly USA, 50% or greater – with great britian or canada in second place. This account is also mostly USA with India at number 2.

I base this upon my removal of Indian follwers from an account early last year – it was about in the same boat – crappy 1 percent er at 30k with India number 2 … got rid of 7k worth of Indian followers. Long story short – it now is at 4-7 % ER and 82.1k followers.


Sounds amazing! May I ask how you removed the India followers? Just by using a list of Indian names or did you come up with a better strategy?
As always, thank you for your amazing tips :slight_smile:


May I ask why not remove ghost followers and keep Indian followers? Just wanna understand your take on thi. Also, would love to know how you remove a nationality of followers!



names and location. I gotta find the text on one of backup drives


Indian followers are in a different time zone – when I post its for my USA followers. Used names and location primary. Did a few hundred by hand also. I don’t remove ghost followers cause I think its stupid. the problem is not they dont engage, the problem is often they don’t see it. I try to make sure they do.


Would be super duper dope if you could share that list :slight_smile:
What would you say is the best time to post for USA followers? Target age 18-25


Makes so much sense now, it would be awesome if you could share the list of yours! What are the ways you tried so far that works though?


You can unfollow people that have not interacted with your posts as @funniestpokemon said