Best Automated Pinterest Re-pinning Method

Currently the best auto re-pinning method I’ve come up with is: adding a specific branded keyword at the end of every description, for example adding “#StorenameOfficialPinterest” in the description

Then make the Pinterest tool repin based on that example keyword “#StorenameOfficialPinterest
-each board im repining to will have a different keyword so that i can automate the sorting into the different boards.

Would love to hear if you guys have a different method to automate a repining system?

NOTE: Im avoiding using the pin link method because i heard pinterest changes pin links to make life harder for bots and spammers - so this is sorta my workaround.



We have 30 accounts and all of our previous orders are from Pinterest until they made the change.

Could you specify the " pinterest changes pin links" so that we can think out new method?