Best email platform?

What is a good app or program to use for adding lots of emails into? Ones that can receive emails via pop3 or imap and that allow proxies to be used.

I mainly want it for keeping emails active and easy to use for when I need email codes for platforms that don’t support pop3.

I won’t be mass emailing.

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Mail app from windows allows you to put all emails in one place. You can add hundreds of emails inboxes. In terms of proxies, no sure

was thinking mailbird but not sure if it will do what I need

You can also hire someone on upwork or fiver , that will make you a custom made software. It’s a very simple thing to do

Hey, what about Mozilla Thunderbird, it has a lot of plugin options for automation to keep emails active (by sending and receiving emails) and is very stable running on a VPS with proxy rotation.

Did you see this yet: [Guide 🐰] Keep email accounts alive & solve email inactivity

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Thanks. Very cool post.

Yahoo seems to block me when I use a vpn. So, vps maybe similar too.

Can you login to the emails normally on it or only emails with pop3?

Any suggestions for a rotating vps?

This one is a difccult one to answer