Best expirience with IG PROXYS


Hey guys, thanks for having me, love to answer some questions from you, im from germany but think you could understand my text :slight_smile: Du you guys use IG Proxies? I personally use ig proxies from and never had a really big problem with it. i got a lot of bans but this is cause i tend to use the shitty chinese sms codes from getsmscode, it is really weird to have a chinese number on a german account, do you guys think private proxies or ig proxies are better?

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Private proxies and “Instagram Proxies” are the exact same thing. Its really just a marketing tactic by proxy companies to sell you “special” Instagram proxies for more money. They may only allow access on their Instagram proxies to Instagram or claim they have never been used on IG before but they never really know 100% of the proxy history.

Also yes Chinese numbers can be bad especially because some sellers sell the same number a few times to multiple people etc.


I wouldnt use highproxies and I wouldnt use getsmscode. Get yourself some quality mobile proxies and use real sim cards. Keep in mind that instagram automation isnt magic, we are just simulating human behaviour. That gives us the possibility to let a program do the actions for us that we would be doing manually.

So always ask yourself: How would an average human treat their Instagram account? Not like us social media freaks, because we are not normal human beeings :alien:


HAHAH man we are freaks, really logically thinking freaks but i love it! :smiley: Thanks for your answer, do you can recommend proxies or phone provider? I’ve heard from ssl for proxies or speedyverify for phone validation, do you have some experiences with this bro


yeah rusty me thinking on this was the same, i thought what is the difference between it, thanks for cleaning my mind on the magical different proxies


I can recommend the proxies of HenryCooper. Search for him in the forum. I dont want to tag him because Im pretty sure he gets lot of messages everyday.

SpeedyVerify is the only online phone verification service I can recommend because they use real SIM cards. So they make sure a number is dedicated and doesnt gets used by different people. But it isnt cheap, on the other hand you have it very fast and you dont have to do the manual work and storage / organization of Sims isnt something you have to care about. Do your own cost/value calculation and look whats best for you. :slight_smile:

Quick tip: You can find anything here in the forum. Talk with the people, exchange, learn and give back value and faster than you thought you will have useful resources and information.

Good Luck!


When I was getting into the forum properly a bit over a year ago people were saying then how HighProxies are no longer any good at all. And since then that seems to definitely be the case. Online SIMs aren’t great but you can get away with them. I have accounts running with them from the past no worries and so do other people. Go for real SIMs if you can, but your proxies and account quality are the main problems first.


Yes and No. Some companies charge more, like High Proxies and call them “Instagram Proxies” because their private proxies won’t work for IG (they block IG on the private ones, and enable it on the “IG” ones).

Generally a “private proxy” means it’s dedicated to you.


I’ll be testing out some 4g proxies in the next few days…right now I’m on massproxy and they’re not really good.

When it comes to PVs I deal with them with my own SIM cards


Did you try any other proxy provider apart from Massproxy (for the Data Center IPs)?

Anyways, Which 4G Proxies are you thinking to try? There are only handful of them.


Massproxy => worst experience …
Highproxies => work temporary … then account got BAN


I agree has big issues with mass proxy and blazing.


Do let me know more about your SIMs though.


Do you guys can recommend proxys, that I could repost with jarvee without making the posts as video?


Selling outside of the marketplace is forbidden and for very good reasons


I apologise I did not know that I’m new to this forum. I corrected my post


We all make mistakes :slight_smile: I love your IG gaming journey btw. I hope you make enough for a trampoline and a boat


Thanks for following it! :slight_smile:
I hope so aswell haha… free ride for you if you ever come to Croatia :smiley:


Had 4 of our client accounts deleted for Terms of service violation after trying to verify their phone number through a 3rd party service… Simple SMS verifications turned nightmare. Not sure if it is the country which they are trying to verify the numbers from or the number of people now using their services and tainting the numbers. I just stick to and buy lots of SMS cards/extra phones in the US and verify manually in the office.


Oh holy thats some bad experience… Were you able to unban the accounts after that? @golfer4lyfe

HenryCooper has made a thread about it. I didnt got a ban so far so I didnt read it in detail but I heard that many people were able to reanimate their accounts with his approach.

For SpeedyVerify you can talk to @kraadnc