Best method to change MD5 images for profile pics

Hi, I see when i create an account I don’t get any ban. But If I create an account and upload 10 profile pics I get banned, i have also try to change the MD5 wih Hash Manager software but nothing to do. Any suggestion for change the complete image before upload?

I think that MD5 is not the real reason make you banned.
Solution here:

  1. Lower your picture resolution (just a little bit).
  2. Check your proxy again.

UPDATE: I have make 3 acccounts with these changes: added some filters, resizing the image

Results: 0 BAN!

maked other 3 acccounts with Only the md5 changed: BANNED

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Nice work bro, did u use the md5 as well when u changed filters and resized?
I always use md5 only, bummer if thats the thing u get banned for.

@stephaniiieee18 i write a post about my test:

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I sometimes open up Lightroom and do the edits in batch if there’s lots of photos. Even if it’s just changing the colour profile a bit and then saving it out (which seems to then create a different hash). You could also flip, rotate slightly and change resolution.

But it sounds like you’ve got a bit of a working method now.

We are not living in 2009. File hash changes are not doing anything. Google: ‘google vision’ to get a better overview of the technical possibilities in 2018.

So does that mean you’d actually alter the pixels of the image itself (like how I was mentioning) rather than just changing the hash data? I.e. what practical steps would you personally take?

The easiest way is to use Gyazo and take pics of the profile pics. Save them to a folder and load Faststone Photo Resizer. Make changes in the settings such as add colour, flip, remove exif data, rename, lower resolution etc and save those settings. Go to your folder of pics and apply to all. Works everytime.


Read this, you can change the image with dos without use mouse etc…

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