Best Parameters to find follow/repost sources?

Hi guys!

What’s the desirable amount of followers and engagement rate you use for selecting or not a follow/repost source?

Best & many thx!

I generally do some test and mantain only the sources with more than 0.25 Followback ratio after 500 follow. It means that every 100 follow i put i get 25 follow back. That’s pretty good :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, but I mean before you put them on Jarvee. When scraping through for example whats the criteria you would follow to say, this account could be useful for me or not.

i use the “User and Hastag” tool on Jarvee. It’s the best. I put the user name with this function

accounts with many comments. that shows that those followers are active.

Lol, same, I always use this feature to find high quality follow source.
Or you can read this topic to find your best way


Thank you! I was looking for a manual to find good sources according to the account. Any additional contribution is to be thanked, I am a little lost in this and do not know how to find good sources.

I used to do this at some point:

Find an account with good ER, scrape all his followers, go to jarvee Scrape tool at Profiles, put the followers of the big account them scrape everything includong ER. Find 10 accounts->get their followers->repeat. I always count the engagement rate by the no of comments

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