Best Pinterest Repinning Method?!

As all of you know, repinning is your Brand Pins with other Pinterest Accounts will lead to higher exposure and therefore to more traffic.

A lot of people complained about the time consuming settings to repin your Brand Pins regularly through your Pinterest-Network, but there is a simple solution to this.

Please correct me if I am wrong:

Make one or more boards on each Account (depending how many topics you cover on your blog) for the sole purpose of repinning Brand Pins on them.

You could set mass planner to repin one Pin of a specific board per day and therefore you would never have to change the settings after the setup.

By using a tiered repin method you could make it look natural and efficient.

Now the only problem I see with this method:

You have to repin at least one Pin of a board per day. You cannot change the settings to repin only on Saturday or two times a week. So you would have to post a Pin everyday which gets distributed through your channel.

If you don’t have a new blog post every day, what would happen?

Would Mass Planner repin the same Pin or do nothing?

What if I made a Campain which posts regular Images, when I haven’t prepared a blog post? This could be a solution…

Or do you have a easier/better method?

I’ve tested 10 profiles in this way:
Created 10 profiles with nice profile image, bio and other info, setup one private proxy for each account, created 2-3 boards per account and add them in MP.
Warmup - 5 days (the accounts follow 20-40 boards and users the first 3 days, then I’ve increased the follow ratio to 50-100 follows per day, and, repin random pins in the account boards 5 times a day). P.S. Night mode ON (the MP sleeps about 8 hrs)
6th day: like tool ON, unfollow tool ON (10-20 unfollows per day), every account gets invited in my boards - I have about 50. (7 new invitations per account). RePin tool ON (in each board the accounts repin 2 pins per day from a specific board (with my content) and they repin 5 random pins in the created boards per day - this is about 20-30 repins per day total.
7th day went fine
8th day - 3 of 7 accounts suspended…

Last try: I will set the accounts to repin 40% of my content and 60% random content and will get back with updates. If someone has successful strategy… please dont be shy :blush:

The only footprint i can see is that you only repin and don’t have content (pins) coming in from other websites outside pinterest, other then that, your settings look fine

I will see if I can repin my Brand Pins to 3 Group Boards per Account. Not to spammy, but should be good enough for decent traffic. Of course I would only choose quality group boards with a lot of follower, but not too many participants.