Best Practice To Keep Scraper Account Safe?

Waking up to 3 scraper accounts blocked or PV for the second time this week, also lost 2 scraper accounts this week, really need some suggestions on how to keep scraper account safe.

Here is what I am doing now

  1. I had 5 scraper accounts supporting 3 main accounts. (after I lost 2 scraper accounts, I replaced with 2 more scraper accounts which hit block and PV very fast)
  2. My main accounts do following/unfollowing/liking and story view. Follow/unfollow are less than 100/day, like and story view around 200/day
  3. Each scraper account is on a data center proxy, so I have 5 data center proxies supporting 5 scrappers. Main accounts on raw mobile proxy
  4. I have the below API limits set up and they are all on different night mode, to make sure they rest 12 hours per day
  5. I do not use scraper accounts to do any other scraping work. They only support main accounts

Based on this information, can someone give some thoughts on what else I can do to keep my scraper accounts safe?


You live a good life mate.

Increase proxy quality
Increase scraper quality
Increase scraper quantity
good luck

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omg, that is insane :rofl: I do not have a lot of clients at the moment, which is kind a blessing at the moment… till I figure this out. Do you use mobile proxy for your scrappers?

Yeah I’m telling myself the samething haha kind of a blessing… but yeah guys 24k calls per day way to much… I don’t even need AI to know your a bot haha

mine does max 150 calls a day at the moment as my main accounts do not do much. cannot believe that still kills my scraper accounts…

Any tips on how to keep scrapers safe?

Literally every day all I see is red errors like you :sob:

bless, mine was running all fine until this week. Just purchased a bunch of replacing accounts that have email

They all have problems. I think Instagram is tracking down that specific domain :cry: Upon login, they ask for 6 digit security code, which is never sent to that email…

Do you see that problem at all? thanks

This week has been terrible yeah. Need to warmup my own scrapers it seems like.

I keep hearing people say that. How do you warm up scraper accounts?

I lost one of my scrapers this week as well and had to turn another off for fear of losing. In retrospect I was making way too many calls. I agree with the others that the settings should be similar to what is allowable on a main account, 150-200 calls/day. I have another scraper still running at those values and it’s been doing fine so far.

Yes, you’re right. You should avoid purchasing accounts that have rambler. ru email from now on. IG has stopped sending verification codes to rambler. ru emails.

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same thing happened to me… I think they are targeting

Can you confirm that Instagram isn’t sending the code to those emails or the email provider isn’t receiving them when the email inbox is opened with a foreign IP or not at all?

I don’t have Russian proxies at the moment otherwise I would have tested this already.

We have to remember that also regular Instagram users are using and and with Russia beeing quite a big country that would hit a good amount of users. So I’m not sure if Instagram really stopped it.

My accounts with are all fine. But all my accounts that are all got hit. None fo them received verification code or password reset…

In which country is your proxy located?

The same happened to me as well.
No Rambler received the verification and had to abandon several scrapers.
They will die anyway, sooner :smiley:

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based in portugal

true. Only thing is I cannot find any seller that sell accounts that are not from or rambler :rofl: Any recommendations?

@Karthik_A He got accounts with Outlook emails and so far they are the best I found.
You may check with him.

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Thanks for sharing, will reach out to him when I need more accounts.

btw, do you use mobile proxy for scraper accounts or data center ones? My scraper accounts die quickly with data center ones but feel mobile proxy is quite pricy. Wonder if my API limit and night mode is not enough, or it is just data center problem. Thanks