Best pricing for shirts


I will start my Shopify + shirts journey very soon, but I’m still not very sure what would be the best pricing.

Does any Shopify expert can help me here? How would you price T-shirts, long sleeve shirts and hoodies?

Thank you very much!
Jeff Chen

Hello there!

I myself am dropshipping in the clothing niche. I would usually price them at 2x-2.3x of the price you got them for.
Reason being is due to discount codes which I offer up to 30%,
For mens wear, we can never find cheap clothings in retail shops.
For hoodies, I personally sell them in the $20-30 range as that is much more cheaper than my local h&m stores.

It also depends on designs(or even branding) which can make you scale up a little higher. :slight_smile:

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ehhh what???

First you say this:

and now you dont now how to price your shirts…


I sell as an affiliate (you sell other’s brand designs), this is my first time having my own brand of clothing, so I have never priced my own shirts before.

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If people were buying them at that price point, that would be a great place to start.

Keep in mind that 99% of the people who buy these shirts would have no idea that it is an affiliate link / someone is getting a commission, nor to they care.

Yes… I decided to sell shirts: 24.95 long sleeves: 29.95 and hoodies: 39.95

So I have between 60% to 70% profit