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Hi, I’ve been looking for someone to handle my accounts for so long here but decided that id do the work myself since i’ve a very small history with jarvee but never dug deeper into the vps and proxies stuff. I want to manage 5 main accounts 2 instagrams, one FB, one pinterest, and one twitter and would love to try m/s with 5-10 accounts also, I got lost in the forum and knew that the best provider for mobile proxies. So does anyone can give me some advice on where should I go from here, what type of proxies do i need for the aforementioned accounts, and best proxies providers for 2020 outside of Jarvee. It would be so helpful, thanks

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As for IG accounts, your proxies should be Instagram compatible. They should be IPv4 proxy, if you can get a proxy that has the same IP location (preferably same city) as you, that would be great, dedicated proxy (one that’s never been used on any account). The best and the most reliable ones for IG accounts are 4G Mobile proxies.

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I beg to differ. I’ve always gotten much better results using residential proxies. :grin: Haha, 4g is second for me.

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