Best proxies service for Instagram 2018


Hey @Digital7Boy I don’t have VIP access yet, but how could I contact you? Tried a few days ago via your website but no answer yet


I got Smartproxy and it is awesome for Instagram. No recent phone verification issues 4 me!


"100 accounts - 300-700 follows a day per account generates 10-16 GB a month"
Its ei joke, right?

100 accs will eat that 16GB in 4-5 days MAX, especially if they use Api+EB.


How does that work with it being monitored on usage? Do you manage many accounts?


Just a note (I am no longer with them) but myprivateproxy is pissing me off. I am still getting charged for service MONTHS after I cancelled. Same thing happened to my friend. FYI to watch your cc or paypal transactions with some of these companies. The incompetence is mind boggling. The proxies were great though :stuck_out_tongue:


just following and unfollowing if using api-eb for one account can use 15 gigs - why? becuse the api does not use that much – eb is a different story as the way insta is with browsers – it goes to the page of the person to be followed – and will load pictures. It will cache pictures – not just the first 6 upto 36-48 pictures. If that pwerson has a video in the first 6 or albums it loads them too. multiply by hundreds of pictures, hundreds of accounts – shit eats up alot of bandwith

edit : if story watching is set to true – your talking about way more data – shitload more


They talk about 100 accounts F/U doing 10-16 GB/month.
I have my own 4G, metered and they tell me different storry. Even @HenryCooper talked about this months ago if i remember corectly and said that 1 account is somewhere over 2GB/month.
So how coud be that 100 accounts are doing just 16 GB of traffic?

Well, i dont want to discredit the service, i want to clarify it for myself also.


Ran into a bunch of issues with highproxies lately. Absolute garbage now. I’ve just switched over to SSLPrivateProxies, and they seem much better.


Yeah highproxies has gone to shit


can you give more details?
My proxies from them are running with no problems at all
I’d like to know


SSL Private Proxies are efficient, in my experience as long as your settings are good, you won’t experience any issues with them. I haven’t been hit with many phone verifications, usually the only time I experience a PV is when switching from another provider or adding the account for the first time. They’re pretty good with replacing the proxy if you have an issue with one. For the price, I think if you’re not going to get residential proxies or mobile proxies… which are typically in a complety different price range, they’re the best bang for your buck.


I was talking about highproxies, I have some of their IG proxies running and I never had problems tho.
Just wanted to know what problems did you face


Like blocks , follow blocks and shitty service. That’s why I gladly left them


In 2017 instaproxies worked well. But not now


what do you use now? i am experiencing follow blocks on the reg. Not even aggressive settings on some accounts and each action spaced out randomly with low total amounts.


shit, sounds complicated lmao.


hey, can you send me a message?


But, Can you explain to me how to create them?


Are you able to do all automation things: follow, uf, like, comment with those datacenter proxies?


If you’re referring to follow/unfollow/like and post, yes. I haven’t tried stories, as I don’t use them with my promotion.