Best proxies service for Instagram 2018


SSL proxies work for everything but comments for me.After few days,comments get shadow banned and they don’t show up.Everything else works.


I am using SSL proxies
I am getting like blocks only on some accounts(6 out of 10).
I am not getting why.
Is it because of the accounts? or coz of the fact that I previously used other proxies
to run these accounts and those proxies were flagged?
I know you can’t exactly answer me, but what’s the possible cause?


It can be many reasons. Rarely its only 1 factor.


I read many of your posts and in one of them you
suggested but their proxies are expensive.
Russian shared are cheap, but other dedicated(eg. London) are costly
Would you suggest me to use shared RU one?
If not suggest me some good 4g provider, It would be helpful.


Maybe my words were not chosen wise, but I never recommended them. I mentioned them in the sense that they exist. If you are looking for 4g providers, take a look in the MPSocial or BHW marketplace.


DM me, and I’ll link you to the the provider I’ve been using for the past 2 years. Best for IG.


Do you mind sharing it in LVL2 or 3?


Smell like a hidden “sale” :upside_down_face:


Hey guys,
I tried out MPP (10 instagram private proxies in Europe), all the proxies were likeflagged…
I am testing squidproxies for Europe now, will update soon!
Also, is there a problem creating accounts on these types of datacenter-proxies?

#74 offer individual proxies too


where I can buy proxies that 4G/LTE…?


How are these proxies?


So If i use a proxy and bot for instagram. Does that mean I can no longer use my i-phone since the IP address will differ?