Best proxy for instgram automation

Hello everyone i need the best proxy for Instagram automation

Use 4G mobile proxies for your main accounts and dc or residential proxies on your scraper accounts. You can check #public-marketplace out, there are plenty of proxy providers in that section.

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For scrapers, you can get away with IPV6 and IPV4 datacenter.

For clients, I would recommend mobile proxies (can be shared IF from a reputable provider)

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Hi @Soufian_Amayour

You can check our sales thread here: 🇺🇸 US 4G Mobile & Worldwide Residential Proxies | Unlimited Bandwidth | Flexible Billing | NO Monthly Commitment

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4g mobile proxies for your main accounts and DC for your scrapers but if you are willing to keep your scrapers for a long period you should put them on 4g proxies and limit API calls per day.

what is the 4g proxy

Thanks brother :clap:t4:

What is api call, how to set up Jarvee

The speed is 3g speed, only 1m

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