Best Reliable VPS at an afforable price?(100 accounts)


I want to run about 100 instagram accounts at once. I’m looking for a cheap and trusted VPS. Also how much RAM should I be looking for to run this many accounts? Can I do it with 4gb RAM/2 cores CPU?

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Check Contabo SSD VPS - Cheap, reliable, you’ll have to buy windows license too, but it’s still cheap even with the license.


Actually I was going to go with them from the beginning but I read some bad reviews on another forum. I’ll look into it again. Any other suggestions?


Contabo is a budget provider, so some people will complain. But I know several people using them and they are happy with their VPS. You can also look at

I prefer dedicated servers. But for 100 accounts it is probably too much.

You should also look at the location. If you are going to use RDP or Teamviewer extra distance means extra lag.


I appreciate your help. I will look into everything :slight_smile:

Pros of Greencloud:

Easy, no need to do much. They set up and configure the VPS.
Great support, easy interface for managing your VPS or sever.



Can’t say I have used Contabo. But I did buy a nice fat Hetzner server.


Cheap and you can find some really good deals.


Depending on where you are located, managing the server can take a few seconds due to lag.

You have to set the server up yourself or pay someone to do it.

Even if someone sets it up, chances are good they will not have fully configured it for you. You will need to Google a ton of stuff and spend a day setting it up.

I have been using worldstream for a time. I think it’s great.

Thanks! I want to go for something that is already setup. I’ve already tried setting it up myself before and I had many problems.

If anyone is wondering I went with:
It’s working pretty good right now. Will let you know if I have any problems with them. great provider, try them.

I’ll second

Great features, some optimized VPS and reasonable cost wise.

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can I upload my own Operation System ISO there?
Or it’s only possible to use their windows servers 12/16?

To be honest, I have no idea. You’ll have to check that with them

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“Please be informed that it is not possible to upload a custom ISO of Windows on our VPS due to our license agreement with Microsoft. In order to use your own Windows license key, you would have to subscribe for a Dedicated Server.”


Is there anyone who has used Turnkey Internet?

Many. Heard bad things about their VPS’es. And good things about their servers.

The problem with VPS’es is that it is even when studying the specifications you can never be sure what you will get exactly.

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What kind of bad things have you heard about Turnkey Internet?

If you look at the specifications of their VPS’es you will see that you get a LOT for a low price. You even get so much that it is not possible for their prices. It can mean only 1 thing. If they say that you get 12 CPU cores for $35 you are not the only one using these cores. 99% sure that they are shared with others. And that is where the troubles start. You do not know with how much people they are shared, what these people do etc.

Servers are much easier. You can look at the specifications, and that is what you will get. It is yours for 100%.


Yeah good analysis over there man. Shit, I missed the Black Friday Discount for the GreenCloud.

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Do you have any of your AMA thread on the forum or something I can ask you questions?

By the way, Are you doing IG with multiple accounts or something else?