"GOLD NUGGET" For lazy people or very new starters

I am doing this only because on CPA Elites I was a newbie at some point and one of the admins (@SHxDOW thank you, bro!) gave me a VIP package there that gave me access to the information that brought me today on this forum with all the previous knowledge I accumulated from Google searches.

So, let’s get straight to the business.

If you ever wanted to start a niche and you didn’t know what to do, I am going to present you a step by step tutorial about how to move your a** and start doing something on Instagram.

Step 1: Get Jarvee. It’s obvious why. Most of the forum uses it, it has the best support team around and it can do a lot of tricks.

Step 2: Buy 10 proxies from High Proxies (recommended by jarvee), other buyers or 4G Mobile proxies from @HenryCooper. You’ll need to do a little bit of research to find the best ones for you.

If you have no idea what proxies are, I recommend you to read a little bit of this -> What’s a proxy?

For a better understanding of proxies, I recommend this topic -> Datacenter proxies vs Mobile Proxies

Step 3: Create 10 Instagram accounts. You can find a good method here -> How to create Instagram accounts that can last.

Step 4: Buy a VPS

For more info about VPS’s, take a look here -> Amazon VPS
Or here -> Affordable VPS for up to 100 accounts

Step 5: Your main account can be quotes/sayings related. You can find them on google or you can write yours. It’s on you.
For step 5 you will need to create an account for Motivational stuff related. Set up a nice bio and a profile picture.

Step 6: Warm up all the accounts -> Exponential vs linear warm-up
Reposting with new accounts
When to profile an account

Your accounts need a little bit of experience before you set them wild on the platform.

Step 7: Prepare 9 accounts for Mother / Slave method. You will need them in your journey to the success.

3 main growth methods
Here you will think of few messages your accounts are going to send as recommendation for the main account.

I also recommend to take a look at this topic -> Spintax 101

Step 8: You set slaves accounts and now you need to prepare the main account.
Your main account will do follow/unfollow, likes and comments and it will be helped by the Mother/slave method.

Now what?

You need content on your account, right?
Well, I got your back. If you lack in photography skills or editing skills for background pictures, you need to go here -> Pablo and install this plug-in in your Chrome.

Step 9: Go on google and search for some quotes and save them somewhere nice.
Step 10: Go on Pablo, copy paste your quotes and save them in a folder on the VPS.

Because you probably want to get rid of writing captions at your posts, or maybe you’re lazy just like me, when you will save the pictures on your folder you will copy & paste again the quote.

Step11: If you’re still around reading this, well, here you will need to create a campaign for your posts to be extracted from a folder and posted right away on your account.

Go to Jarvee -> Destination list -> select the account that is going to post.

When you finish, proceed forward to Campaigns and create a new campaign.

Here you will need to set your campaign to post.

Because we created a special folder for this move, now we are only going to set that folder for Jarvee to extract the posts.

Go to “What to publish” -> Monitor Folders -> Select the folder you want to be monitored -> go to Post Template and type [FILENAME] or you can just click under that text box on FILENAME.

Now you have your posts, your folder monitored, accounts ready to post. Only thing it’s missing is actually starting to work for this.

This is a straight away approach and idea for the new starters. If you are already around this forum I assume you have some ideas about how to pull off this move.


Dope, v detailed and it’s a good step by step guide for starters!


Right on point for getting started, great post


I’ve never heard of Jarvee recommending a proxy to use, I understand they don’t on principle.
I’ve not used HP but a lot of people on this forum have opinions on them if you search.

Thanks for sharing the guide.


High Proxies are god awful. I don’t think a single person here has recommended them in over a year. Just negative experiences.


POLL: Do you recommend High Proxies?

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  • NO

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Hi @bakedcookie. Thanks for your time spent writing this post. But the main thing you haven’t said anything about is how newbies can monetize this. Isn’t it the main idea? :sweat_smile: I’m pretty sure it’s not clear for most of them


Agree. They’re terrible and terrible customer service. Very rude.


well, if you go at “My account” in jarvee and click recommended sources, they have a link to their page saying about Highproxies. They might not be the best, but for starters with low incomes I think it can do the work :man_shrugging:t2:

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I didn’t write anything there because I didn’t way to sell false hopes.
To be honest, my first monetization from Instagram was after almost two years of working with Insta. It was all testing before that :man_shrugging:t2:


I’ve contacted their support a few months ago with a question about recommended proxies, their answer was:
Unfortunately, there is no way to track your data usage with Jarvee but there is an option at Jarvee where you will only use an API instead of EB to save bandwidth. And also, we are no longer recommending highproxies – that recommendation was about 2 years ago and is no longer valid.”
So I wouldn’t recommend them because of a lot of negative reviews on forums about their proxies


There are two main reasons not to use High proxies for me:
1, It’s a DC proxy
2. It was recommended by Jarvee and thus making it very commonly used for IG automation, Which makes it very reasonably for IG to blacklist easily.


And the third one is you gonna get a lot of headaches using their proxies :joy:


How much time does it take to get to 10k on the main account?
Also can I do this without Jarvee? I’m still saving :relieved:


This is the most detailed Tutorial that I read in Mpsocial. Lol.
Next level, you guys can create 100 accounts instead of 10 accounts, just keep practicing everyday!


If you’re brand new to all of this 10k should be realistic in 3-6 months with just f/u. Mother/slave takes time to learn and do properly, but when you’re able to do so you can get 10k+ per month.
If you have no money I would manually do f/u until you can afford the cheapest Jarvee version, use a free VPS and a couple of proxies.


I’m handling two accounts manually and grow a steady 100 per day, I’m not sure if I should do one more. I’m really liking this actually.


Pretty sure HenryCoopers lower tier proxies are cheaper and can support more than 1:1. I remember being overcharged with highproxies tbh.


Thanks for sharing man, it could defo help some newbies


Good share. Keep up :slight_smile: