Best software for TIk Tok growth

Hi , is it better than autotokker ? which is the link?

yeah 149$ but for 12k it’s fine

I agree, what tool are you using. Have you found other options?

mmm no i’m searching yet …but nothing until now , i think it’s too early to have a good bot by me !

what is your account name? you mined sharing it i’m interested in seeing how its doing

Just use Jarvee :slight_smile:

Does Jarvee work for f/unf on tiktok? I thought it only worked for scheduling etc atm?

Lol it literally has never worked

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TikTok User: eshan_kay

Jarvee does not work with TikTok

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It will be soon released then, it’s already in the “beta” version :slight_smile:

may be, but at this time jarvee does not works with tiktok


How much do you attribute the success to the automation program, and to organic?

Patience will pay off :slight_smile:


The active beta has already been released, and the MP team have already stated in previous threads that it’s not currently working.


I think he asking about currently working app, not about may be released.

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Well I’ve mentioned this in other threads but the best way to grow on TikTok is to have videos go viral. What I’ve noticed the service does is get videos enough likes/views to start showing up on for you page where they get major traction. So I’ll say the service for that reason has helped me out a lot.

Or the content is just good organically?
If that was the case, shouldn’t almost every video be viral?

Occam’s Razor

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I’d like to think the content is good organically but sometimes the humor just doesn’t hit them for it to go viral. But I do believe if a ton of people are going to your page and liking/viewing your videos that it flags TikTok to put on for you page. Honestly I could be completely wrong, just my theory and what I have seen so far.

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You could possibly be right. But your account has too many viral videos now for the bot to be helping is probably just 5% of your success bro… You just need to consistently post.