Best software for TIk Tok growth

I agree, I started the service after I got the super viral video also.

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The Chinese understand what fuels the content creators or even the amateur that is starting to become an influencer.

The algorithm takes full advantage of that. Crawling through amateur videos, finding the ones with the best quality, relatable content.

If you want to grow on tik tok quickly… Start pumping out all the challenges. There’s already a paved road to success. All we have to do is take the leap of faith and create.


Can you list some of the challenges you are referring too?

He is talking about the viral challenges via hashtags.


What is his strategy then besides posting a lot of content? We need a process we can offer to clients, for agencies to make money. I’d rather go with 4k followers a month and earn a retainer than 20 million based on a method that we can’t duplicate for any client.

i am not him, nor do I know all his accounts. I can tell you he is a good friend and damn good at what he does – ask him here, he is a member … @customlogovideos

I personally use SocialMasters (found online) as they have a fast customer service and results are kinda good, better than without it

Have your engagement has been affected since using bots? :thinking:

It seems they have the same system as Instazood. Or does the system belong to another website?

They’re all reselling the same panel. I’m waiting for autotokker update tbh

The thing is that it doesn’t even work so not sure why they keep advertising it.

Which service?

Services which have the same panel.

Yeah not good at all.

Why did @customlogovideos get banned until 3020? LMAO

Apparently asking the admins to be present and mentioning that they’ve been ignoring active requests for months, apparently results in feelings being hurt and a 3020 ban.

We usually don’t discuss why someone got banned, but @customlogovideos gave us plenty of them:

  • selling outside of marketplace
  • sharing LVL3 stuff
  • insulting mods after multiple warnings.
  • creating multiple accounts, like Michael_Sanchez

you choose.


I don’t understand this way of thinking because using automation can definitely get you more followers on TikTok and more followers means more people who are going to see your content on their feed. What do people have to lose by automating follows/likes?

Of course good/viral content IS necessary but can’t automation help as well?

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You don’t understand tiktok. Dude, its not follower based like others for success. Its the fyp that makes or breaks you whem tiktok pushes your video. Automated systems cant do that.

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@isokid The more you get a good understanding on how organic viral content works (without artificial boosters), the more you will understand @Alexnvo’s point of view on TikTok

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It’s definitely more nuanced than what you make it sound like and it’ll become more and more like others as time passes imo

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