Best Training for Pinterest SEO?

Can someone point me toward any good pieces of training on how to increase the ability for our Pinterest account to get more views from Pinterest search?

Are there any good courses out there for an established brand to know how to get more visibility, primarily through ranking on Pinterest?


I haven’t paid too much attention to the courses for awhile. The simplest thing would be to use the autosuggest that Pinterest gives you.

  1. put in your main keyword, say Dog training, in the Pinterest search bar and hit return.
  2. Look at the word blobs (don’t know what they are called) that come up under the search bar after you hit return. Say one of them is dog training for small breeds. Click on that.
  3. Now, you are in the 2nd layer of keywords that Pinterest is telling you people are looking for. We generally call these long tail keywords.
  4. take a couple of them, put them in your title and description. Front load as much as you can and makes sense. Use How to, What are, Top 3 Ways, type descriptions and Pin images.
  5. Using the main keyword, dog training, model your pins after the ones you see recurring in the feed after you use your keyword. Don’t re-invent the wheel, just model what is working, notice the patterns that show up. There are always certain styles of pins that work better than others, but the are nice dependent. Just see which ones show up more often than not, then use your Pinterest long till key words, and you should grow.
    Best of luck !
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