Best VPS For 150+ Accounts

I am running 150+ accounts and noticed by performance is significantly hindered when doing so.

I am using contabos VPS XL SSD

Should I upgrade to a dedicated server?

If so should I use contabo or hetzner or something else?

What do you recommend using when managing over 150 accounts?


for $5 more you can rent a hetzner server…


hetzner :+1: :+1:

Yeah agreed with Luca, go for hetzner.

I never used hetzner server, Anyone know why their server are so cheap price.

Intel® Core™ i9-9900K Octa-Core
Hyper-Threading Technology

Hard drive: 2 x 1 TB NVMe SSD
(software RAID 1)
Connection: 1 GBit/s port
Guaranteed bandwidth: 1 GBit/s
Backup space: 100 GB
Traffic: Unlimited *
Available locations:

from € 64.00

yeah, they do provide quality and cheap prices which makes you wonder :thinking: :laughing:

Thanks for your reply.

Which configuration server should i take, if i want to Run 500 accounts.

100 Twitter F/UN
300 Facebook Farming
100 facebook for marketing.

@Noirorion He monster of dedicated servers and VPS.

And he is homie.


Facts! Highly recommend @Noirorion - he knows his shit when it comes to servers!


you really can run auto 150 accounts on 1 vps?

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you can run up to 250 accounts using JV with no issue, one thing you need to make sure off is that the VPS is very powerful.

I have set up and provided servers to customers with 500+ accounts.
“VPS” doesn’t mean anything, it’s as ambiguous as it gets. As long as the bare-metal server is not oversold and resources are allocated correctly there is no big performance drawback regarding Jarvee

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Yes. As @Luca said you can run max. 250 accounts on VPS.

if your accounts are using embedded browser to execute actions, it’s best to run Jarvee on a dedicated server.

I recommend 2 VPS for 500 accounts each of them with these config: 10 Cores CPU and 32 Gb Ram

Which hetzner server settings should I use to manage 150+ accounts?

For 150 IG accounts 12 GB of RAM and 8 cores CPU should be good.

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