Jarvee on VPS, Home PC or Dedicated Server

Hey, Boris here!
I’ve been looking into the ideal way to host Jarvee.

  • Let’s run it 24/7 with a minimum of 15 IG accounts (incl. slave and Scraper accounts).
  • We will using the Embedded Browsers (EB) on the slave accounts and API on the Scraper accounts, so we will need enough and fast RAM.
  • The CPUs will make life easier operating Jarvee, so the more and faster, the nicer.
  • Let’s go with a SSD with some space for all our campaigns (incl. Pictures and Videos).
  • Unlimited traffic is a must for all our Story Views and just to save ourselves headaches.
  • Windows Server 2016 is a minimum.
  • Backup to a separate location (e.g. Dropbox or G-Drive).
  • Will also install the Chrome Browser with some selected Extensions to not always have to use the EB in Jarvee.
  • Extensions needed:
    • Ghostery
    • Proxy SwitchyOmega
    • Random User-Agent
    • WebRTC Leak Prevent
  • VPS/Server location in our case is best if closer to our location, keeping the ping low will just make our Remote Desktop expirience better.

Here are some of the solutions I found for VPS, feel free to contribute with more options and ideas. I am still researching dedicated servers and their advantages for Jarvee, including their cost per monrh.
HomePC is also possible, but think about your internet connection and its stability for a 24/7 operation.

Greencloud VPS (recommended by Jarvve)

Contabo VPS

Obviously the more accounts you are running in Jarvee the more RAM / CPU power you’ll need.
The advantages of a VPS are great, safe and reliable.

What did I miss? All advice is welcome!

Boris :v:

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For about $35 you can get your own server at hetzner.de Usually 32GB RAM, 250 GB SSD.

The problem with VPS’es is that you never know what you will get. 2 cores, 4, 6 ? And what kind of cores ? And are they dedicated to you, or shared with others? That really makes a very big difference.

Sometimes you also see that it cannot be right. 10 cores, 60 GB RAM, a 1600 GB SSD and unlimited traffic for E 26.99 is not possible. The depreciation on the hardware is already more than that. That is, if you really get what they offer.


Thanks Dimitri for the VPS vs Dedicated Server info. VPS -> Dedicated Server would be the ideal way to scale, I guess :+1:

This is what I found at Hetzner:

One question: Windows Server Standard vs Data enter? I couldn’t find any differences relevant to a Jarvee installation, except the monthly cost :flushed:

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You can try the server auction https://www.hetzner.com/sb/ Put the CPU slider on minimum 9000 and put a checkmark for SSD. The first ones you see, Intel Core i7-4770, 2x 240 GB SSD, 32 GB RAM are ok… They are a bit over E 30 a month. If you want to avoid paying VAT make sure that you do not live in the EU.

You need Windows 2016 standard. Best way is to install this yourself, or ask someone else to do this. Or pay someone :wink: You can get a license for around $5 on Ebay. Probably not completely legal, but it does work.If you buy a license make sure that it is for Windows 2016 Server. The license is not interchangeable with the datacentre version.


Nice, thx :+1: I was just about to ask about self installing WinServ… you mind reader :thinking::joy:

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Jarvee is not really RAM consuming, 8GB / 16GB is more than enough for about 50 acc.

Jarvee runs very well with multithread CPU’s 4 / 8 cores are more than enough to handle 50 acc.

SSD (and Ideally NVMe) is optimal for running J smoothly.
In any case you won’t need much GB, normally 100 / 120 GB is enough for handle acc with campaigns.

Story views consume near to nothing (via API), I never saw a server running out of Data, even if your limit is 5TB traffic a month, that’s more than what you will use 100% guarantee.

Location really matters, and is a great point to get a server near your location.

I will avoid VPS with shared resources, specially the ones with CPU fair share… also some companies will ban you if you use 100% of the CPU constantly.

So a virtual dedicated or a fully dedicated server is optimal.

Good luck!

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Thanks!! I’m looking at Hetzner and will report back.

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Thank you @Boris on those useful informations.

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Thank you for sharing @Boris :+1:

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Here another one I found: https://virmach.com/windows-remote-desktop-vps/

Anyone have experience with Virmach?

Has anyone tried this provider? https://www.netcup.eu/vserver/vps.php
their vps&root servers are very cheap.

I was going to go with that provider but wasn’t 100% sure, so I chose Contabo.

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I was thinking about getting a vps but i dont think i really need it, i have been running 10 accounts on my main pc 24/7 for the last 2 years and it doesnt seem to lag what so ever doing this amount of actions daily image|690x262


How much ram does your PC have?

I started using VPS cause I don’t want to keep my laptop on 24/7

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32gb ddr4 ram

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Running Jarvee on my Home pc for 3 years now.
I pay around 45$/Month for electricity, but i have other apliances not just my computer.
I run games,work and Jarvee and everything runs butter smooth.
Ryzen 7 16 cores,32GB ram and a bunch of SSD ( i run Jarvee on its own ssd)
I also have 2 UPCs one for internet one for my computer so i have 99% uptime.
I backup up Jarvee from time to time and i also have NAS that backs up Jarvee every 2 days,in case something goes wrong i loose at max 2 days work.


They are good if you are U.S

Netcup is great as well if you are in EU

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Thanks. I live in EU. I just found out their contract period is 12 months, and windows server is not included. So, i’ll probably go for another provider .

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BTW, I tested Contabo, Hetzner, Greencloud and Virmach this year, but ended up using this:

No setup fees and Windows Server already incl. in monthly price. Based in Germany and blazing :zap: fast!


Thank you @Boris :pray: :blush:

Thank you, I will check it out.

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