Best way to create HQ Instagram account in 2021?

hello :wink: hope you’re doing good everyone! I’m planning to create HQ homemade Instagram/twitter/other social media accounts. can someone tell me the best way to create them or send me useful thread ?
-how to
-cheap proxy

thanks in advance <3

  1. Fake fingerprints
  2. Have good proxies
  3. Have good emails / phones
  4. Profit
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LoL who doesn’t know registering an Instagram accounts need to use a phone or desktop … using emails or phone numbers … In another word, who doesn’t know your mother is a female lol :laughing:
What this guy want is actually knows the type of proxy or softwares or methods being used and not the theory lol

No one will reveal their proxy sources due to saturation reasons. Finding proxies is challenging.

Finding emails is more simple. Simply study popular email providers and think which service would have the highest trust factor based on how easy it is to create that type of email.

As for methods/softwares, there are account creators, such as Jarvee, that will do the work for you.

It’s definitely not an information that you can freely ask around, mate. Many of us spent months (years) testing things out to come with solutions we are using today. This field requires tons of testing, make sure you have time or will for that.

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i meant creating bulk accounts like 200-500 accs per day!

that’s true . defiantly i wanna test myself just looking for some info like should be create on Phone/Emulator/Browser and and tips

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People make a lot of money doing this so don’t expect people to give away their exact methods. The only ways that will be given is using the JV tool, but I don’t think they create accounts worthy of mains or slaves.

Key is to learn how IG works and test. I had a system in place and IG changed something and now it doesn’t work. Very sneaky.

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Someone posted good method here.

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Yes cloner is patched. The method mentioned above works only with SMS and accounts are detected.

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ok I’ll take look

Yes may be. But I didn’t try it personally I just read it once before few days. So I thought it will be useful.

aight ty for share

Accounts can get linked now because Appcloner doesn’t hide everything. Even Appcloner has told me not to use it for account creation. It worked well a few months back, but now it is easy to get a mass captcha and take out 80% of the ones you created. Maybe if you are only doing a few a day it may stay under the radar.

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what platform is best for now ? and can I use app cloner method for social platform like twitter/gmail/reddit/snapchat ?

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No idea man. Still trying to figure it out

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use mobile phones to register accs

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Have you tried using Jarvee for creating IG accounts? It always worked fine for me.


thank you but im planning to make HQ account for use as main account
do you think jarvee worth for it ? I’ll try

I’m planning bulk like 500+ acc per day