Best way to market books

Hey fellas, does anyone have any experience with marketing books/ comic books/ graphics novels.
I friend of mine has asked for help but I don’t have any experience with marketing books.
How should I proceed?

It’s the same as any other product. Do what you are comfortable with and just find the audience. Look at FB groups that cater to books.

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Discuss a topic revolving about the book regularly, maybe a weekly show or something and invite the public to join in on the discussion

The elements of what ppl ask about, should become the content to educate and entertain ppl about

And then re-iterate to keep staying relevant around what ppl are already thinking about about the topic

You can hack this by going to Quora or Twitter or insta to see what hot appeals of the topics ppl are reacting to and using that.

Think of FAQs

Then if ppl want to learn the indepth aspects, just point them to buy the book

Then work with bloggers and influencers to spread the word and engage with ppl every day to funnel people in and join the discussion around the book

Building a community is gonna be way more valuable in the long term compared to just going after conversions in the short term

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A common practice is to give away the first 1-3 chapters of a book in exchange of an email as well.

Then it’s up to you to create a follow up series to 1) give them value 2) invite them to your weekly thing where you build your community 3) upsell them into the book down the line

What @tripleyourtribe said ! I really like your idea of a book club type show. Don’t have any books, myself, but I woudl def do that. Thanks and have a great day!

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Wow thank you. What if it’s a comic book and I can’t give away the first 1-3 chapters than what should we do?

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Then give a % of the first part where there’s the “initiating event” that starts the story. The rest is continued in the comic…

Or preview snapshots of panels…

The characteristics or what the main characters principles are…

Or showing the artist drawing them or talking about what influenced or inspired him to create the characters or story

Ex: Miyamoto Musashi, a swordsman from the 1600’s is one of the most badass ppl to ever live… A Lone, masterless samurai… He went through a lot of self development to become a master swordsman. His story influenced the manga VAGABOND. And the way the artist told musashi’s story revolves exactly around listening to himself… driven by being the best while seeking to fight the strongest…

You can see there are so many ways to relate and become interested in the character and story.

Just thinking out loud

There’s so much you can do… test!