Best way to setup tiered repinning accounts?

Just want to get peoples opinions on the best way of setting up tiered repining within pinterest. which do people think works better.

No.1 Main account -> tier 2 -> tier 3 -> tier 4 -> tier 5 -> tier 6 -> tier 7 -> tier 8 -> tier 9 -> tier 10

So in this setup it would be a chain with 1 account in each tier, each account would repin the posts from the tier directly above it.


No.2 Main account -> tier 2 x3 -> tier 3 x 9

In this method each account would have 3 sub account underneath them repinning, however due the the exponetial growth involved the number of tiers would be drastically reduced.

Any thoughts?

I think this works better.

Another thing I do:

  • Occasionally check stats on my wp website, see which pins brought me most traffic, check who pinned them, if they’re not one of my bot accounts, then I add those pins to repin tool and repin them again.
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Thanks @Adnan I was kind of leaning towards this method anyway, time to start setting up accounts!

yeah I’m doing something similar. MAIN ACCT —> 8 HIGH-QUALITY Tier 2’s-----> Tier 3 (idk how many yet)

My tier-2s are basically as genuine and HQ as my MAIN, just lacking my site logo and URL- that’s basically it. They have gained more traction than my main acct right now ( early stages) as they look completely genuine and aren’t pushing a site on people.

Weird thing happened, right now I have my main and 5 HQ tier 2’s. I added 4 of the tier 2’s a few days back, and before work yesterday I got the 5th put in, but didnt have time to set up REPIN. Today’s stats show the latest account I made and added has 6x more followers than the other 4 ALREADY, without REPIN even running. It followed 118 people and got 114 follow backs, with only a description and profile pic. I have no clue why this happened unless it just got lucky with an extremely good portion of follow sources. I’m testing again today with no pins on it, we’ll see how it performs for day 2.

I’ve been “warming” accounts up by starting follow tool with 49-61 , with 10 increase each day. Like tool set at the same. I’ve been repinning 4-7 pins per board ( 8 boards) for a total of about ~40 repins with new accounts. I’m interested to see what settings others are using for warm-up… The reason my fresh account yesterday did so many follows is I copied settings for follow tool and forgot to slow it down.

That’s all I got for now…


Some great info in there thanks for the share. Be interesting to see how day 2 goes again with no repining!

Could someone please explain this to me:
You create all these accounts to repin your main account’s original content. But in order for all these accounts to look natural, you must pin various content on them. How do you manage pinning different stuff on all these accounts?
Do you set up automatic feeds?
I mean, if you have 20 accounts with 10 boards on each, and you want to pin 3 pins per day per board?? How do you curate and schedule 600 pins a day??
Am I missing something?

You use MP to automate it all

Do you mean that you can setup MP (or FL) to connect the boards to RSS feeds?
So you set the sources and the boards are populated automatically?
Is that it?

No not to RSS feeds as i remember, but you can repin from other accounts by selecting keywords MP will search and get you the pins you need (depending your search query is good) or repin the pins from your board(s)

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