Better reach & engagement without the # ?!

Hello guys.

I have noticed a really, really strange occurrence. One of my biggest competitors started posting without hashtags and got really good engagement. I was hesitant to try this but I did and it worked wonders. It works ONLY if you do not post ANY hashtags. Which is really weird to me since I have been implementing my hashtag strategy in order to grow my account. And somethimes when I use hashtags I get a lot less attention.

If I use hashtags and manage to rank well I gain about 500-700 likes, sometimes even less. If I dont use ANY hashtags I get 500 likes. Whats happening here?

Did anyone have the same experience? Did instagram change something in the algorithm?
Thanks in advance!


How big is your account? Once you’re above 150k, posts without hashtags tend to have a wider reach and allow you to grow faster, although not always higher engagement. Almost as if it’s a trade off.

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Yes I believe this is a change up.

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As a matter of fact the account is not bit at all! 3k followers.

If you can, try this strategy out yourselves (just for one post) and please, get back with your results. I have absolutely no idea what is happening!

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For any of this to be tested, you really need to give it at least 10 posts and split test with another 10. Some pieces of content do a lot better than others, hashtags or not. It might have nothing to do with the hashtags.


I just saw an Instagram insights page screenshot which showed hot that page reached 18447715 impressions in the last 7 days. The guy who’s running this page told he has found a sort of secret algorithm that pushes you up. But I’m wondering which it could be.
It seems related with no hashtags but I can’t understand how it works.

Any idea?


Yes , viral pages .


Yep, but it’s still a thing. How can you get your post engaged if you are not using any hashtags?

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Welcome to the modern world :slight_smile:

For some customers we use this to auto generate related captions .

Most of the things people don’t understand about like-blocks , no-hashtags , bans , engagement maximization , fingerprints , etc are just based that they do not know a lot about modern tech .


So what is the point to let users follow hashtags and deploying a technology that makes them useless?
Killing long tail hashtags?


Well back in the time , I guess their technology was not so advanced yet . Graph databases changed a lot .


power likes maybe?

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You’re saying that IG detects objects in a picture and ranks the image according to its content? If so, are there any split test results on what IG prefers, like faces, cars, more green images, etc?

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I think so, I made a post and was going to promote it seconds later and I got a pop up saying “this images resolution is too low, please brighten or upload another image to promote” and I’ve never seen this prompt in the past so I’m assuming more updates have been done

We did a lot of testing , but not about what your specific asked (there is nothing Instagram prefers) , they just want to deliver relevant content to their users .

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I’ve heard from good Source that Facebook Ads rank pictures with People in it more and videos ofc. I thank it might be possible since some of my best engagement posts are with my face in it. Other pictures tank better (meaning those where i show mu weight loss), but considering that People are told it is a process are more engaged into keeping up with The news. During no Challenge Time its more Common that post with my face get more engagement. This would actually make sense since Facebook can protect itself from fake accounts and There are algorithms to detect skin colour in The image easily. Also if you make Facebook Ad it checks whether The image Has more that 20% text which is not allowed. So doing another algorythm on image can be possible.

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gosh thank God I saw your post. Can you tell us more about your service?

Did anyone actually check out this link posted by @HenryCooper?

It blew my mind :flushed: There is a image recognition API by google there. Pop in an image and it tells you whats in it, and where else on the web it appears. I tried it with a few images and it was pretty much on point. Changing image hash and resizing and renaming mean nothing to this API. It knows all. It doesn’t need any stinking hashtags to tell it what is in the image… its not 100% like a human, but its close.

The labels it puts are out are pretty descriptive, is your “auto generate related captions” based on these labels Henry? And how do you know all this?!? Is it there some kind of monastery high in the mountains of Tibet :mount_fuji: where they teach the secret path of the IM? If so, sign me up!

Unfortunately I know nothing about the nitty gritty of utilizing API’s like this, but it’s an eye opener for what the future holds.


I checked it but I understood nothing :joy:

Check this link too:

It’s quite interesting.