[BEWARE] Limeproxies

Hello limeproxies are reselling their proxies. I believe a lot of ppl use limeproxies… Cancel them immediately unless you want your facebook accounts banned.

www.Limeproxies.com (for seo purposes)

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What exactly do you mean? Selling proxies that have been used before?


correct. Me n my friends are getting 3-4 accounts banned every few days. Skyisthelimit (account seller) verified this as well

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That’s nothing weird. All proxies providers do that. They will sell you proxies that someone used before and left their service. That’s why when you get the proxies, you should let them cool down for couple of days, but that doesn’t guarantee they will be deleted from social network’s blacklist.

It would be different thing if they advertise as “virgin proxies”.

Private proxies are used before. They’re called private because you’re the only one using them at this moment.


interesting I did not know this maybe I shouldn’t bash them. Either way I had no problem with these guys untill now. If i continue using limeproxies all my accounts will be gone soon.

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If you don’t want to give any seo benefit, then you should strip the hyperlink. I think it’s a do-follow.


I always wait 2+ weeks before i use my proxies.

But you need to give more info. Why you think it’s proxies problem ?


I bought virgin proxies from them… two days later my Instagram accounts were disabled. I suspect they were not virgin :rage:

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haha…At first I would like to buy the Limeproxies also at first, mainly for they note their IPs are virgin, but When i talking to their support, look like are Indian:) Then I gave up it.

Now I use Highproxies mainly refer by this pages,I buy 10 proxies and accounts host on instazood, at now 2 month, all accounts are still alive.