Billy gene is marketing

What do you guys think about this guy ? My so seems convinced he’s a scammer and i have stuck to defending him all through. Up until I discovered this forum and blackhatseo and i realised theres a lot this guy doesnt teach.

Granted I haven’t been able to watch the full legacy bundle I purchased but from what I’ve watched , my business remains unimproved.

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Never heard about him. Looks just like another guy who speaks more than he does.


Google him and you will be retargetted to death.


I already did :unamused:
Good that I never responded very well to ads, just analyzed their intention :money_mouth_face:

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Edit: There was and will be only 1 Billie Jean.
For that ‘‘misconception’’ alone he deserves to go to jail.


Never heard of him. A lot of these self proclaimed “gurus” usually give you rinsed and repeated info from like 6 months ago. If they aren’t updating their course at least once every two weeks, I would personally be a little weary. Stuff from 6 months ago is likely to not be as valid anymore


He’s doing weekly ad creation on several platforms/q&a’s etc

His ads are incredibly convincing. The only person whose ads I watch to the end and click through on either Facebook or instagram

He says he can teach me how to make ads like him so I subscribed and paid to learn but so far in not doing so well. I haven’t watched the entire series it would take a good month to get through but the bits I have seen he doesn’t seem to know what he is talking about

I can confirm this is true.
I listened to a podcast that he appeared on where he did give warning about it though. He said that once you look him up, you’ll be pixeled and targeted like hell.

This guy is a PITA.

I bought something from him last year and was retargeted to high hell.

Also, I really despise how tedious his funnels are; you say no to his add on offer and have to click through more screens.

They don’t make it easy to cancel anything.

And his information is basic AF. LOL and there was like 0 editing done on his films. Often repeats the script multiple times.

All in all… BIIIIIIG talk.


Skip it.

Are you looking for an FB course? I’d recommend checking out Dino Gomez.

I haven’t taken his course but he runs several of the group’s I’m in (The Lab, LCT, etc). Solid dude. Highly, HIGHLY recommended by the world’s best SEO’s.

Up to you if you wanna pursue that further.

But 100% I don’t recommend B Gene.

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I’ve actually hung out with Billy Gene quite a few times, went to their offices in SD and was able to dissect his teams backend, as well as know who the lead programmer was who handles all their traffic, sales, offers, cash flow etc.

I will say he’s legit. Yea he’s super gimmicky and super over the top. But that’s his point. He’s a pattern disruptor and teachers others not just the really technical stuff, but moreso the art of story telling and branding. Something that i’ve been focusing on a lot more this year, and i’ve been able to double my income by literally and ONLY changing my narrative on my skill sets. A few of you have me on facebook and comment / message me regularly BECAUSE of that.

So to answer the question, yes hes going to retarget you to hell because he’s in the business of making money.

A: YES 100% there is. He does weekly calls with his group members, i’ve been on a few and he literally would go through their entire funnel and have him and his team re-build it, then tell everyone to call him out in a week and ask for a refund if they don’t get better results from it.

It’s kind of weird that you based a recommendation on being pixel targeted and not the actual material itself. You don’t recommend B. Gene but you don’t even realize he teaches YOUTUBE ads, NOT Facebook ads…

Most online gurus have some level of expertise in one area or another. At the end of the day, Billy Gene was able to re-target to you via. ads, which takes some knowledge to do.

I dunno man, if I was going to sell out and go the whole guru route I would probably be over the top like every other online guru, pretending to own cars, fake vacations, etc.

ehhh read through all his courses already what are you trying to learn, or do maybe i could help point you in the right direction

He teaches FB ads.

He might teach YT ads too, but that’s not the material that I bought so can’t comment.

As for targeting; yeah, that’s true. Totally unrelated to his material.

Well Billy has a team of 38 employee’s, in that department he has 5 ad’s specialists that run his as well as a few other bigger name clients Ads Accounts. Moreso, it takes little to no knowledge to setup a re-targeting campaign…

I don’t understand how “every other online guru pretending to own cars, fake vacations, etc.”

I feel like you actually haven’t met or hung out with these people at all, to actually make that assessment. Or even maybe go to these networking and marketing events? MOST of these people get tired of making OTHER people millions of dollars and shift to teaching and or doing equaity / rev share deals to get THEM setup for financial stability.

Hell I just secured a deal with World Star to run their Ad Campaigns, and you can damn well bet i’m going to be making some videos about how I set them up, and leveraging my client base to build my personal brand.

There’s people with little to no experience in EVERY single business, not limited to “online guru’s”. Sounds like you might be in the wrong circles if that’s all you ever see? I mean your YOUTUBE ADVICE Post on here alone is a WEALTH of gold. Literally I know like 20 people who would happily pay 2k to have all your information in a course. (not even joking)

How to target correctly ? He talked about uploading your existing emails to make look alike audiences. Not very helpful if I don’t have emails already.

I learnt about a tool called simpel audiens here on this forum I hope you are familiar with it. It no longer works but that’s the type of golden information I expected to find in a course that’s supposedly worth $20000 but was being sold on a discount when I got it.

I’ve got a pocket friendly developer who made me an app similar to Groupon for my country and i want to grow it to 10000 downloads

How do you advice I do that?

My plan includes bulk texting 100,000+ people , bulk texting laws are non existent here.
I’m stuck at scraping their numbers from facebook.

I dont know how to do that from the billy gene course.