Bitcoin Wallet for Android & PC?

I want to create a Bitcoin account and I know some of you already use them for a while. That’s why I want to ask you if there is a wallet which I can use on my desktop and phone. I already visited and saw wallets like Electrum which offer both Windows and Android. But as far as I understood you have to choose between one of this options. I assume I have to choose a web based wallet when I want them to be synchronized, did I understood that right?

Looking forward for your help :slight_smile:

There’s 3 options to be able to send, store and receive bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies:

  1. Web wallet: Use for payments (You don’t have to download the blockchain file) (Works pretty much on any platform)
  2. Bitcoin Wallet or Electrum (You might have to download the blockchain file + Your PC could get hacked and your funds stolen any time)
  3. Hardware Wallet: Use Trezor or Ledger Nano S for even more solid solution (You don’t have to download the blockchain file) (costs $$)

Edit: Remember, if you don’t own the private key, the coins are not yours.


I’d go for a hardware wallet, online wallets can block your account and downloading a wallet just takes a lot of time and you can lose it if your harddrive somehow gets f’d


Thank you for the explanation! :slight_smile:

So from your words I understand that the hardware wallet is the safest solution. I will dive into that again and try to understand it.

Thank you guys!

Another tip, only buy it from the original vendor site.
There’s a couple of people that sell rigged devices on Ebay etc.


I personally use Coinbase, very good :+1:

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afaik coinbase doesn’t show you the Private Key, also it’s an exchange/broker; not a wallet.

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Is there a good and safe solution for which I don’t need to buy the hardware?

I take into consideration to buy this in the future but I need it for 1 specific transaction in the first place. but save your private keys.

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I can’t find it on so this isn’t the “main site”? Very new to this haha is just the original web domain that was registered way back and gives a very rough guide on how to use Bitcoin. There’s also (run by a known scammer) and a couple of others.

There is no main site, it’s a decentralized currency. Web Wallets just have the blockchain downloaded on their end.

Just go on (a trusted web wallet, that lets you have full control) and register there; save your paraphrase key and maybe extract your private keys. Buy bitcoins on an exchange such as Coinbase, Bitstamp, Binance, etc. and transfer them to wallet. Pay your transaction.

For any price calculations, there is:

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You also have a fourth option - a paper wallet


Good luck sending money with that alone.

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Well yeah, you do have to import it somewhere to send BTC, but for long term storage it’s one of the safer options (which @roy will probably not use)


CoinBase is the same as paypal in terms of closing down accounts that show any suspicion. They can lock all your coins if they want and there is nothing you can do about it

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For the future guys use gdax/coinbase pro for withdrawing your crypto, because I remember back in my crypto days normal coinbase had massive fees for the miners/themselves for withdrawing and it’s probably the same today.

So what I did was:
1.I went to coinbase and transfered my crypo to coinbase pro (gdax) which is free because the transfer is internal.
2. I then withdrew the money without any fees.
3. …

Thank you very much! I created an account on

What do you think about buying bitcoins through the integrated Coinify?

No, too many fees.
Buy from a reasonable exchange (with 0.5% fees at max) I mentioned above.
Credit card is probably 5% and a Bitcoin ATM’s fee is something like 8-15 %.

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So just for the basic understanding. I can have my wallet at but I can buy them from different sites?

I also ask that because I just saw that my identity card is expired which makes buying them through Coinify impossible anyways. Is there a way to buy them without verification? I mean my credit card and bank account is enough?

Usually all the credit cards require ID.
Back to the wallet go with Hardware, personally im using ledger from couple of years so far so good.