Black friday / cyber monday sales!

The BIGGEST sales of the year are starting!

I though I would make this thread so everyone can share the deals they are getting for proxies, hosting, and anything else.

If you are looking for a VPS or Proxies, NOW is the time. They are 50% off and higher.

Some discounts are for a limited time, while others remain discounting your orders for the lifetime of your subscription.

I just bought a 4GB RAM, 4 Core, 100GB HDD, 3TB Bandwidth VPS for $10/month (for life)

Ready…Set…Get Sharing Deals!

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And where did you bought it? :slight_smile:

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Hahaha, I purposefully did not mention the provider since their service is horrible, and their reviews are not any better. I do not want to support them in any way, as they cant seem to manage the clients they currently have now. The owner has a history of never taking the customers side also.

I bought it without doing my research, but for $10 its always good to use it as a backup in case a different VPS goes offline. I would not be using this VPS as my main ones.

If you are still interested Ill share, but I really dont want others to buy it. There are much better deals lying around from better companies. Ill be sure to add some to the first post once I get the time to collect some.

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If they don’t deserve, then don’t share :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan. They will not be shared then. :smiley:

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Ok i will share 2 greencloud offers.
Black Friday Deal:
Intel E3-1270v5 (4 cores 8 threads)
30TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps port
Location: Dallas, TX
Only $85/mo - Windows License included
Order here!​


Hahaha, If you were to read the bad reviews from the company I got the 4GB VPS from, you would be happy I did not share it. PM me if you want the link to the bad reviews and you tell me if you think I should have shared it or not.

Thanks for the great share :slight_smile:

Well, i for one have everything I need so I won’t buy anything this year, even for a good discount, however I will definitely take a look at all the shares to see what people are doing :slight_smile: So share away!

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Great idea to get the best deals related to managing accounts using MP. Will definitely check this thread from time to time.

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Any Hot deals here ?

Here’s a good deal from HostNine. 80% off all their plans for new customers.

For $1.02/month you can get:

Host Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Parked Domains
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
FREE Domain

More on this link:

P.S. I’m using HostNine and I’m pretty satisfied with their hosting, they also have good Live customer support. Recommended.


1.02usd per month which means a year = 12.24usd

The website charge Plan renews November 24th, 2017 @ $61.08

please check again or clarifiy the prices

So you’re not satisfied with unlimited hosting for $12? Feel free to skip the offer…

looks interesting and cheap extremely cheap

@Adnan, kindly go ahead and share ur affiliate link, I am planning to buy this offer.
I will buy it using ur affiliate link :slight_smile:

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@Dave9s, I thought they don’t have aff program but they actually do :slight_smile: however it would take some time until they approve my application so you should get this deal now, I spoked to support and it’s today only, not sure why. :smiley:

1 Like - this is for cheap, good Hosting $2.50 /month billed annually - this is for cheap good VPS,Proxies - this is for domains

here, you are good to go :smile:


Stay away from ASO (asmallorange) their service isn’t worth getting for free, support is terrible and their servers are constantly down, ASO has been taken over by the company that run Hostgator into the ground.

Just so you know :slight_smile:

did’nt know that… should host on hostator dirrectly instead?

@Adnan, are you using hostnine on your VPN as well?