Black friday / cyber monday sales!


@clicktrepreneur, I’m using hostnine to host my websites.

When you say VPN, you probably think VPS, those are 2 different things and I think your’re interested in running Mass Planner on VPS since you sent me a message about it.
Here’s our Recommended VPS


I’ve never heard of them or seen them anywhere. I frequent LET and never seen them promoting but it’s been mentioned by a few guys.

You will need to ask if they allow windows trial otherwise it’s gonna cost the same as others.


@Adnan, how do you feel about customer support of hostnine ? I heard they will take ages to get a simple issue resolved


This is one I found last year and they have it again today (love this and use it on all my sites)

Clicky Analytics for your LP or Website 75% all plans today (Black Friday)

Go to -> make new account (must be new won’t show up on older ones) -> go to ‘upgrade’ -> enjoy 75% off Boom.


buzzbundle - 60% off

I mostly use buzzbundle to post the links wherever there is a mention of viral content


They have a Live Chat support. You can get to them in minutes. Not sure where you heard that.


you have to post in the topic: MASSPROXY-BF16 to get the code.
i have no ideea about these proxies,but gonna give them a test.

Can’t really go wrong with 25 private proxies for that price…


Yeah that’s a great price. I’m almost ready to follow you down the rabbit hole on that. The only thing that makes me a little leery is the “snipe” aspect of it and how that may affect the ‘browse’ option for accounts.

Not trying to piss on your parade there florin, just trying to talk myself outta spending more $$ today :wink:


Don’t bother anyway,its only 1 month disscount price,its not recurring…
great prices even at full price,can’t fight 18$ for 25 proxies.
Maybe next time :smiley:


HostWinds Hosting, VPS, Dedicated

Up to 3 years 75% discount

Windows VPS

  • 15 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 5 Cores
  • 200GB HDD
  • 1000 MBPS
  • Un-Metered Bandwidth

$26.37/month (Monthly Payments)

Regular: $105.50


WARNING: I noticed some hidden costs. make sure you read carefully with this one.


Impressive deal Brandon, thanks for sharing.


TurnKeyInternet Dedicated Servers VPS

Up to 90% OFF for LIFE

Windows Licence Not Included ~$10 extra/month

By far the best deal I have found for Dedicated VPS

32 GB Dell PowerEdge Dual Hexa-Core - 24 Cores @ 2.66 GHz
Drive: 240 GB SSD
RAM: 32 GB
Network Port: 100 Mbit
Bandwidth: Unmetered
IPv4: 1 Usable Address (/30)
IPv6: /64 Subnet
Hardware RAID: 0/1/5/10 Available

~$60/Month for life



this looks like a beast, best offer i saw so far :smiley:


@BrandonBerner those are some pretty sweet deals right there.
Just be carefull guys,always look at what they offer,most of the “first page prices” don’t reflect what you pay for :slight_smile:


@BrandonBerner, those are awesome deals.
do you happen to hear any free trial VPS black friday deals


Hey @Dave9s

None that dont require you to enter your credit card (which I assume thats what your looking for)

I would recommend setting up and Amazon AWS EC2 Instance (AKA VPS). They offer a free version which includes 1GB RAM, Unlimited bandwidth, 30GB HDD. You do need to enter a credit card. So if you want you can buy Pre-Paid Credit Cards with like $1-$5 on them. Its free for a year, and you can renew it for free also.


I wouldn’t recommend turnkey. Ive used them in the past, for some weird reason downloading things via chrome is awfully slow and the support didn’t know how to solve it.

Hostwinds are nothing but profit minded. The price is only first time, recurring is back to their oh so expensive pricing.


Thanks @dddd for your input and opinion. Very useful.

In regards to Hostwinds, I agree with you. They had lots of hidden pricing.

As for TurnKey, I only hear good things about them. So I will need a few comments from others stating some more negative experiences before the bad outweighs the good. I do my best to make my choices based on the majority, since sometime people speak from one experience, a user-related error (Not Saying you), or a multitude of different things.


Sometimes it could be unlucky ending up in a crowded node. And of course servers have filters that sometimes need to be disabled. But when they hire support that don’t know what you’re dealing with, its a waste of time explaining to them.

They’re not bot friendly host. Thats one thing to keep in mind when choosing a host. If you tell them, hey my download is slow, they be like “huh? But you’re using server 2012, what downloads?”


I happend to have an account in AWS currently. I am planning to try some other VPS with free trial