Black friday / cyber monday sales!


great, I happend to signed up for three year contract with hostnine.



The problem with free trials are that the tiers that are available are usually have lower specs than what you will need. You are essentially comparing apples to oranges. So you cant fully base your experience from the trial. Customer service is also usually worse when your on a trial.

If I see any free trials ill be sure to post them here.


I got this dedi on HostWinds for $60/mo

Dual(2) Intel Xeon E5645’s
Core 6 x 2.67 GHz
RAM 48Gb
4x 240GB SSD
1 Gbps


Great share @jeffantoniochen . Is it $60/month for life, for a specific term, or for the first month?

Do you have a link for others to see this deal?

Can someone who knows a thing or two about processors tell me if thats Dual(2) Intel Xeon E5645’s are good. It seems that this server has a lot of memory with little processing speed. Correct me if im wrong.


Hostwinds>Dedicated servers



Is it $60/month for life, for a specific term, or for the first month?


75% off all products, only first payment, not recurrent, but you can pay up to 3 years.

#50 - Still active as of now

.01/year hosting

10Gb Disk Space
100 Gb Trans Band
1 Website
Unlimited Dom Names

I grabbed two. Because you know why have one when you can have two?


No more active… But thanks for putting the word out


I looking at turnkey internet…specially the 32gb dedicated for 279 a year…(I am going to install my copy of windows 7 pro oem…) my questions are?

Has anybody installed their own windows 7 os on a dedicated server? …I have done it hundreds of time (as I used to work as PC Tech) …don’t know if will be the same on a dedicated?

The reason for wanting to do this is save $10 a month for the server license…(we are using MP we don’t need a server for that) ???

Reliability, reliability…I see some one here didn’t like them…

I am currently using Contabo VPS with 20 GB…paying 26.99 Euro (about 32 USD) a month…I am looking to get more Ram and to save some money…

Non Related For Hosting I have a Dedicated server…with …for 75 a month…and I use it with serverpilot …not for MP…I used to make money with viral blogs and adsense…


Turnkey is still active :slight_smile:


cant believe i missed this! :cold_sweat:


@daverawcus What if I told you its Cyber Monday has been extended? :smiley:

TurnKeyInternet - Dedicated Servers, Cloud Server, and VPS Servers 90% OFF FOR LIFE


They have some nice discounts there. Good share Brandon, like always :slight_smile:


There are plenty more offers that aren’t BF. Some of them, if you follow them for a few months, they actually discount back to the same price.

The BF/CM has now just turned into just a marketing platform to get more word out. Just like how you always see BHW having this/that sales, BF doesn’t make it any cheaper in reality.

0.99 domain for example, has never became 0.01. And they call 0.99 BF CM sales.


exactly, it’s all a big hype and people still buy it :slight_smile: . Well almost all, some really have good offers, but you need to follow them all year to see what’s what, not just when they have the “discount”


Anyone know of any good deals on a VPS this coming black friday?


I just spent 5mins reading through the deals from the top, clicking some and wondering why I’m not seeing these deals anywhere on the sites… .

Then to see “Nov '16” and scrolled to find you here bumping a year old thread


I had very bad experience in GreencloudVPS instagram proxies. They are completely shit.