Blocked on JARVEE but not on phone?

Very weird thing occurring. On Jarvee, if I try to follow, my follows are blocked, even when I use the embedded browser. Yet, when I open the same account on my phone (main acc), my follows go through without any block.

Is this a problem with my proxies? I’ve changed proxies recently thinking that may be it - let me know if it is still proxy related.


I have the same

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Clear you cookies, reset the device ID if this don’t work change proxy

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Did you use your previous settings right after changing proxies or did you let the account rest a bit?

It is usually advisable to let an account rest a bit when changing proxies, do some fewer actions and build up till the previous ones. I had an account which got action blocked when I changed proxies while keeping the same previous settings.

Are you also using 4G proxies?

Just log out and login back on EB. You should be fine.


Instead of blaming jarvee directly, you should test same accounts with your mobile network(via hotspot) and test if it is working or not.

I do follow 300 accounts easily without any issue. Likes/Comment Like/Story view all are running fine with low setting. I do unfollow 400/day.

I get an error logging in even with the correct login credentials.

IG is blocking me from login so I cant do sh*t on Jar…
works fine on my phone tho :S

Does anyone know if the Device Ids etc from Jarv are real or just bs?

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Rest your account and do some manual actions for a week. Come back and see if it’s still like it using warm up settings.

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I tried that, didn’t work.

I have the same issue, even that we don’t use proxy, just a single account.

Might help to change a letter of the username temporarily too and then relogin

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Clear your cookies. It worked for me for one account

Still having issues logging in lol, it logs in, I fire up follow tool and it gives me this error image

have u tried turning off and on the tool? sounds silly but worked for me in the past.

with login activity/attempts you can check dashboard too, sometimes it takes some time after verifying account for “finalizing login operation”

especially if your server isnt the strongest with a lot of EB windows running at the same time

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I turned it off today, I Will let it sit 24h then try again.
Are you forcing login with EB in profile settings or still API?
Its so annoying at this point, Im getting no blocks using EB but the follow tool stops working due to login loops in the middle of everything, never happened to me before.

share your advanced settings within social profile section…

You want me to send a screenshot of the settings?

yes yes yes

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What is the type of proxy you are using?