Blocks, Captchas, Banned accounts - What's up Jarvee?

Last couple of weeks have been hectic. Been using ultra safe settings on Jarvee via EB, scrapers werent dying as fast and all of a sudden got a captcha and a ban on one main account. This happened again 2 days ago… Can’t see anyone here talking about it so I figured it’s time to ask - What’s your experience with jarvee these days and if it goes well - what strategy are you using?

Yes, I got some captchas lately, but now all is good, a thread was created about this wave 4 days ago

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page doesn’t exist…???

It’s level based haha

Yeah few captchas and verifications but nothing big nothing like a wave or something, I guess it’s just your setup and if you did some changes or not.

no changes at all actually been working fine in the last couple of months, just now had 2 captchas and disabled accounts.

Heaps of people got hit, some lost thousands of accounts. Biggest wave in awhile.


What’s up jarvee?

Yup, unfortunately, these waves come and go, and once they’re gone we need to sum up the losses. As someone here said, this was one of the biggest waves that I’ve noticed. Let’s hope the next one won’t come that fast :pray:

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Out of your setup how many was hit?

I lost 18 in a span of 2 weeks - literally replace and lost again.

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Try using api

Accounts that get hit with captchas wave are accounts that run on EB. Don’t use EB from now on, it could take weeks until things calm down.

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Did you get CAPTCHA when using API, I used EB before but switching to API 5 days ago. The situation is not better. Many many accounts get CAPTCHA today.

I’ve stopped using Jarvee altogether for now, seems like it’s too risky at this point

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Look like both API and EB will get hit.

Im on API and got a few captchas but looks to be more stable - tho I am getting temp block so need to warmup again. thanks for the help will see how it goes

Yeah I notice a lot more hard blocks with api. Like 7 days, device change or ip change doesn’t fix it

This is what I dont like on the sudden change from EB to API. Leads to frequent temp blocks or 3-7 days hard blocks. With or without warm up.

ok testing this, set of 5 accounts, all Eb only and changed to API 2 days ago. warming up all again
yesterday 2 ran smooth, 3 with temp block.
today 4 ran smooth, 1 with temp block

will see how api goes… havent used API on so long


My experience is:

All master using EB with API scrapers, no issue till the last captcha “wave”; now some captha appear randomly, some twice after 2 3 days on the same account (marster) but discontinued, any captcha on the API scrapers.

At the beginning some (not all) Captcha with Change password, now only captcha.

Actually i lower the settings of the one that receive more captcha but dont change the EB setup.

Lets keep testing, i remember all that every setup its different and react in a different way, so dont follow ONE rules or ONE solution for your account, just read the different experience and try.

My opinion its to start to lower settings (follow unfollow), second avoid more unfollow days in a row, third avoid follow/unfollow same day.

Good luck to all!

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