Botting single account with Home IP

Hi everyone.
It’s been a while since I read topic about bots and instagram bans but they all essentially concern people who use bots with proxies and many accounts. I was wondering if it was risky to use the bot with my personal account and with my personal IP. My intent is to automate the F / UNF process and dedicate myself exclusively to content.

I have done this before and it’s fine. As long as your home IP isn’t flagged you should be ok!

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Works safely for a time. Be careful though. Once your account trust rating drops it takes months to recover.


The only problem I found is that if you have the automation running at home and then you perform any action in your phone in other location (you will have a different IP) you will be detected, simultaneous actions or very close in time from different IPs is the problem.

So if you just leave the automation working and don’t use the account anywhere else you are safe in regards of IPs of course.


Yes, home IP is very good to run 1 account on it


It will be safe but be careful safe does not mean bulletproof

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You can do bulletproof, if your running a proxy through your phone and using your 4G data.

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if you use jarvee :

1 advice : don’t use / risk your home IP to get flagged
1 reason : I expect that your account will go into action blocked due third party software for gain likes/followers

Wathever you do it’s never bulletproof when using automation
I would not recommend automating an account you care because i would not do it personally.

Ive tried a million things for the past 3 months. It been a horrobile ride of trial and error. But now since 2 weeks every day I’ve performing 200F/200UF/200L / DAY without a single block. All on API, no EB.


Nice buddy !!

Thanks buddy! :slight_smile:

Can you tell us more? what is the delay of your follow unfollow … can you tell us more about your method these two weeks Thanks.

I tested so many things and the reality is that settings dont matter. IG has to see that youre performing your actions through your mobile devices conncetion. Once thats setup, settings dont matter. Mine are pretty aggressive now.


How do you do everything API like you say on top but here you say you are doing it on mobile devices? Care to explain a little? Thanks :slight_smile:

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He means he is using a 4G connection with Jarv.

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But… Most residential connections aren’t fixed IP’s.

So. My home is can be flagged as automated user? My idea is using for to automate follow unfollow and only publish post with my phone.

Yeah it can be flagged if you get blocked/banned enough times. Just be careful.

You are right, residential IPs are dynamically assigned for normal consumers.
(you always can pay for a fixed IP, it’s not the same as a public IP)

How you can change it? well…depends on a few factors.
The most important is how your ISP is handling the IP assignments.

In some routers (at home) you have the option to Release the IP, sometimes it works.
Other option is to turn off the router and just wait for a period of time, your ISP can tell you or you can test and test.

A very common option lately is to change the MAC address of your router, so it will get a new IP from the provider. Many systems tent to link MAC<->IP. (I have this)

There are few more tricks there but with a risk so I prefer not to mention them because devices are expensive.